Town Star Jack-O-Lantern


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Jack-O-Lantern’s are crafted at the Pottery Shop. In order to produce the Jack-O-Lantern, you first need to be crafting Pumpkins, Wax, and Cotton Yarn.

City Price: $1,000
City Stars: 13,000
Requirement 1: Pumpkin (1)
Requirement 2: Wax (2)
Requirement 3: Cotton Yarn (2)
Production Time: (30/60/120/240 seconds)
Storage: Warehouse
Requirements: none
Class: Crafted
Proximity Bonus: None
Proximity Penalty: None
Proximity Reverse: False

All the things you need to make a no-NFT Jack-O-Lantern in Town Star


  • Crops: Cotton Field, Pumpkin Patch, Tree Farm
  • Storage: Lumber Yard/ Woodshed, Silo
  • Workers: Farm House, Lumberjack/ Logger


  • Beehive
  • Bee Keeper House


  • Clay Field, Clover Field
  • (and roads and ponds of course)


  • Crafters: Fabric Plant, Lumber Mill, Pottery Shop
  • Storage: Warehouse
  • (Optional: Worker/ Forklift)

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