town star refinery gasoline



A Refinery is used to take harvested goods from the Oil Well, Wind Turbines, and Power Plants and craft them into new items. The Refinery, takes raw materials like Crude Oil and Petroleum and Energy and turns them into Petroleum, Gasoline, and Jet Fuel. You need a Fuel Storage in order to store your crafted goods made at the Refinery.

Cost: $15,000
Building Materials:  5 Wood
Labor: $200/minute
Points: 100
Stores: none
Capacity: none
Produces: Petroleum, Gasoline, Jet Fuel
Petroleum: 30-240 seconds
Gasoline: 30-240 seconds
Jet Fuel : 90-720 seconds
Requirements: Paved Road
Affect by: none
Pollution: 4 tiles
Shade & Wind Block: 4 tiles

refinery in town star