Pasture Town Star


A Pasture in Town Star is a lovely meadow that serves as grazing land for your animals. Provides passive feed to for animals in the ranch like chicken coop, milk barn, sheep pen to feed on. Cost: $5,000 Labor: none Points: 10 Outputs: Passive Feed: 1200-9600 seconds Requirements: none Affect by: Pollution, Shade Pollution: none […]

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Paved Road

Ponds are necessary for certain industrial buildings. Paved Roads will also allow your workers to get around faster. This means you’ll save time on wages since they’re not going as slow. Cost: $10,000 Wood: 3 Labor: none Points: 10 Outputs: Faster Movement Speed Requirements: Road Affect by: none Pollution: none Shade & Wind Block: none

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Pond Town Star


Ponds are a natural source for Water, which is used to water crops. Provides 2/1 passive water to nearby crops (Wheat, Sugar Cane Fields, Salt Fields, Tree Farms, Cotton Fields, Pumpkin Patches, Peppermint Fields), tree farms, chicken coop, milk barn, sheep pen and feed mill. 2 water the closest tiles, 1 water for the second […]

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