Lolli and Pops NFTs in Town Star now on Sale for Christmas!

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Hooray, Town Stars! You’ve had a few weeks to get your bearings in the new construction and game features. You’re still putting your confectionary abilities to the test on our Candy Cane Meta, in which Stars have been weakened for all high-tier produced items except Candy Canes!

Lolli & Pop’s: A NFT Candy Shop With Class

Galaverse was the first one to pass without leaking, but it took a full team of guards to keep Todd from hearing the community’s demands of “Wen leak?!” We were able to make it through Galaverse without leaking this one, but it required a whole team of guards.

We’re happy to introduce and start the auction for Lolli & Pop’s Shop, the first souped-up NFT edition of a Town Star production structure, as a breath of fresh air!

Lolli is already a great producer of sweets, especially since the current Candy Cane Meta lowered the amount of crafting needed. Throw her latest buddy, Pop, and his hot wheels into the mix, and you’ve got an unstoppable sweets-making machine with the ability to keep your local Town Star dentist’s practice open for many years!

Why an NFT?

All players have access to the basic in-game Candy Shop. Simply spend $150,000 of in-game money and place it in your town as long as you fulfill the building standards.

The typical in-game Candy Shop takes a long time to produce, and the major benefit of using an NFT version is the speed.

Legendary Lolli and Pop Shop


Increased Production Speed

There are four different levels of speed, ranging from basic (in-game) to quicker, faster, and super fast (technical jargon), each with three levels of Lolli & Pop’s Shop rarity.

Standard in-game — regular production speed

Uncommon NFT — 50% faster production than standard

Rare NFT — 3x standard speed

Legendary NFT — 6x standard speed

Free Wages

The lower the wage that must be paid to the operators, Lolli and Pop, the more valuable the asset is. The Legendary shop is an exquisite location that both are willing to work there for free simply because of it.

Standard in-game — $150 per minute

Uncommon NFT — $100 per minute

Rare NFT — $50 per minute

Legendary NFT —No cost at all!

Increased Unit Speed

When so many ingredients are needed for a craft, unit speed is critical. This is when it’s beneficial to have a car. Pop tears around town at breakneck speeds when he’s in a good mood, so naturally he flies into and out of the Legendary store!

Standard in-game — standard Lolli foot speed

Uncommon NFT — “Sunday driver” — 50% faster than Lolli foot speed

Rare NFT — “Wild and Free” — 2x Lolli foot speed

Legendary NFT — “Reckless Abandon” — 3x Lolli foot speed

Sweet Benefits

Aside from all of the above and the general awesomeness of seeing a sleek wind-up automobile around your town, there are several more things to think about before acquiring your production facility.

Place it for Free

This is a considerable benefit (and early start in competition) in comparison to the usual in-game unit price of $150,000. Being able to put it down right away and begin producing sweets as soon as possible will almost always give you a significant edge in either Weekly Competition or your Daily Challenge.You may also move it around and rearrange it at any time.

Own it and Sell it if You Want

This is the core of our aim for empowerment at Gala Games, and it’s also true of each NFT we sell. You actually own it, so you can do anything you want with it. Play for gifts, give it to a buddy, or sell it on the secondary market! Soon, with the Town Market Board, you’ll be able to lend it to other players for a passive percentage of their profits!




Earn Daily TOWN Coin Rewards

You’ll have to wait and see for yourself what the perks are, but like all Town Star playables NFTs, the Lolli & Pop’s Shop will be eligible for daily TOWN rewards. You may get Gala Power and complete your Daily Challenge everyday in Town Star Play-to-Earn as long as you have some Gala Power and fulfill your Daily Challenge!

The Flash Sale

Lolli & Pop’s Shop is now available in the Town Star store, while supplies last. Remember that all of our releases employ an ascending pricing tier structure, so the sooner you make your purchase, the greater the savings!

Each new tier of bitcoin is released at a rate of ten percent per two weeks, with each successive level being more expensive than the preceding one. Don’t be concerned if you see the words ” SOLD OUT ” on a sign. It’s probable that just one price level has been sold out. Just return later and you’re likely to find even more NFTs for sale at different price tiers.

10 Tips for How to Make More Town Coin Playing Town Star

In order to make more money playing Town Star, there are a few things that you can do.

1) Complete the daily reward challenges – These challenges are easy to complete and you can earn rewards such as Town Coin, Experience Points (XP), and Gala Power.

2) Collect your rewards – You can collect rewards from completing challenges by clicking on the “Collect” button.

3) Use your Town Coin to buy other NFTs – Town Coin can be used to purchase items in the game, such as buildings, skins, and automation. You can also use it to give you an edge in the weekly server competition.

4) Join a guild – Joining a guild can give you a lot of advantages in the game, such as extra rewards, discounts on items in the shop, and help from other players. Guilds and Clans can help improve your chances of winning by giving you extra rewards, discounts on items in the shop, and help from other players. Joining a Guild is a great way to get started in Town Star. You can find a Guild by joining the discord chat. There are many different types of Guilds to choose from, so be sure to find one that fits you best. You can also create your own Guild if you don’t find one that suits your needs.

5) Gain experience and multipliers from Gala Levels – By getting experience and playing you’ll get multipliers, these help when collecting Daily Rewards Bonuses as holding more NFTs and playing them will increase your Bonus Town Power.

6) Gather NFTS – A Must Have if you want to Earn Town Coin! Good to play if you are trying to get additional Town Coin.

7) Play during prime hours – If you play around 9-11 pm EST that’s when the most players are on, but play whenever is best for your schedule. The fastest growing play 2 earn gaming ecosystem that is owned by the players. These steps will have you up and running in no time earning real life cash for playing Town Star.

8) Share play 2 earn with friends – Inviting people to play play 2 earn helps them get started plus it helps me out too, I get extra Town Coins which can help me make more money playing Town Star!

9) Log in daily – This is a common rule for almost any game where you want to keep getting rewards

10) HODL GALA & Town Coin – You’ll get additional power levels for how much Gala and Town Coin you’re holding in your Gala Account.

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