Merry Christmas Town Star – 2021 Holiday Giveaway


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We hope you are either nestled snug in your beds, or waking up refreshed from your dreams of sugar-bots dancing about a Christmas tree.

You may have noticed a dazzling little trinket tucked into your stockings (wallets). These are being sent out to our Community as a thank you for being part of the Gala Games family.

If you haven’t received one yet, hold your reindeer. It takes a while for Gala Santa to visit over a million of you. But this quick little driver will have them out before you can say “wen game?”

Rare Gala Snow Globe Common Gala Snow Globe

…okay, not that fast. It’s icy out there. Safety first, everyone. ???????? ????

’Tis the Season for Giveaways from Gala!!!

In this season of generosity and introspection, the Town Star team would like to express our thanks once again for your love and support. Gala Games is continuously gaining ground throughout the world, with each passing day bringing greater awareness.

Without the unwavering commitment of our community, especially those involved in Town Star, we would not have achieved this degree of success and prosperity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We hope you are feeling truly empowered by the paradigm shift we are creating together with own-your-experience and play-to-earn gaming. Our holiday wish is that your sense of childlike fun has been renewed, and 2022 will bring us many amazing things.

We hope you love everything about Winter as much as we do here at Town Star. If there’s anything else we can help make more magical for you (or if you need an escape from all those holiday parties).

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