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Hello Fellow Town Stars! We hope you’ve been excited about the latest Orb Drops & Reveals coming soonGala Music Drops as well as the exclusive NFTs partnered with Snoop over the last few weeks. Get Ready for Reveal time in the next upcoming weeks when we’re able to open our stash boxes

Here’s the latest Town Star Updates:

💫 Reminder: 2 more Mirandus Skin packs will go on sale tomorrow 👀 02/22/22 (Day of Twos!)
💫 We’re so sad that we’re here to tell you again there will be no Competition this week. 😭 I know how much you miss it and so do we. Rest assured that the team is working on many improvements and we are as excited as you to get it going again. 💪
💫 We are now shooting for mid-March to bring back the competition server.
💫. Gala is also working on moving Town Star into its very own Discord server. 😍 They think it could better use a space all on it’s own.

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