New Airmail Drops Gas for Free in Town Star!


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Free Gas in Town Star? Until the next reset (March 1st), everyone who has more than 1 GALA will get 5 free Gas every 30 mins. This is a cool feature that you get for HODLing your Gala.

This has been one of those little known secrets about Town Star and the challenge in producing gas. Prior to this little treat – you had to be HODLing over 1million GALA in order for this secret to be unlocked – but for now – We’re all getting a little gift of Free Gas in Town Star

Gala Gas Town Star Staking Reward.

In order for you to get Free Gas in Town Star, all you have to do is hold your GALA in your Gala based wallet. You will get 5 free Gas every 30 mins just for having it there.

Town Star Free Gas Staking Reward

This is a great way to get started in Town Star and begin your journey to becoming the next Town Star as the weekly competition heats back up in March!

Remember to always STORE your GALA! You never know when you might need it for Upcoming NFTs.


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