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Patch Notes

Hello Fellow Town Stars! We hope you’ve been excited about the latest Gala Music Drops as well as the exclusive NFTs partnered with Snoop over the last few weeks.

Here’s the latest Town Star Updates:

💫 There will be no competition starting today (Tuesday). As promised weeks ago, Gala is still working on getting the last of the overdue rewards out and fixing as many bugs/issues that they can find. Getting closer!
💫 They are VERY close to sending out missed rewards from the most recent weeks. (I know only a handful of you are affected.)
💫 The google sheet (here) now has the updated lists for Dec 27, Jan 3 and Jan 10. You have seen the lists from Dec 27 and Jan 3, the baddies have been removed. This is a final check before we send out rewards for those weeks. Jan 10 is new to you – find the cheaters!🕵️

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