Into the Galaverse Tickets

Update on Into the Galaverse UK 2022


We know you’ve all been waiting patiently for news on the “Into the Galaverse” event that’s coming up this year so you can start planning. We’ve collected from the community what type of information they’d like to hear based upon Price, Location, and Dates.

The Community has asked for price first because date is nice but we can’t think travel arrangements without location. Location is nice but we can’t think travel arrangements without dates. Price at least gives the community a chance to budget travel+tickets+whatever.

Stay tuned for the latest information on Into the Galaverse 2022.

What we do know by now is:

– Physical Tickets: $8K is for the three nights and two days and includes the hotel stay.
– Digital Tickets: TBD

– Country: Denmark
– City: Copenhagen


– Goes on Sale: 02/14/22** (Possible)
– Into the Galaverse UK 2022: June 6th-8th

A new update regarding this years Galaverse Tickets. You will not receive any NFTs that are linked directly to attendance. Yes, Gala is going to have ways to track this. If you can’t go, there will absolutely be something for you, of course it will be EPIC.

Based upon last years ticket prices: 100$ for virtual last year. Half price for 1 hour pre-sale. $3,000 USD for in person for lowest price ticket last year while some of the Ancient Galaverse Tickets were going for $25,000.

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