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Fellow Townstars ~

Gala is resetting the play-to-earn server timers to EXTEND through the end of the month. The last day will now be January 31, resetting (clearing your towns) and starting new on February 1.

🚨 There will be NO Weekly Competition again this week as we continue to update and get past rewards sent out.. 🚨

Rewards Updates:
⭐ Reward ‘fixes’ for weeks ending Nov. 8th and 15th will go out soon!
⭐ Rewards for weeks ending Nov. 29 – Dec. 20th will go out soon!
⭐ Gala is finishing up week ending Dec. 27th and Jan. 3rd and then those will be sent.
⭐ Week ending Jan. 10th will be posted (so the community can double check it before rewards are sent).

Server Updates: Coming in the next couple of hours.
⭐ Removing the larger 🎵 file that will help those with slower internet. The music will still be awesome!
⭐ Some language translations are being updated.
⭐ Adding an “Advanced Options” menu. This will allow you to toggle your snow town to control game brightness and control the volume of your music/sound effects.

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Gift Parcel

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