Water Tank


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Never underestimate the power of passive, on-demand water for your crops. Your Farmers will thank you! Currently the Water Tank was distributed to Node Owners and is placable in Town Star – it earns 3 TC, it’s going to be a common entry NFT for passive water (1) to your crops only. This item is currently only available to pay with Gala in the Store. Since the Gala store is tied to USD, it’s price is roughly $300.00 USD.

water tank town star placement

Collection: Items
Chain: Treasure Chest treasure chest
Price:ETH on Polygon0.043 ($126.90)
Rarity: Common
Quantity: 10,000
Utility: Passive Water (1)
Points: 3
Requirements: none
Affect by: none
Pollution: none
Shade & Wind Block: none


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