Open the p2e Floodgates

Open the P2E Floodgates!


Get ready Town Stars, Gala games is opening the Flood Gates to the Play 2 Earn blockchain ecosystem. This new NFT drop of 10,000 Water Tanks is a massive way for new and veteran players to enjoy some passive water for your crops.

The Water Tank is a new Town Star NFT that is now available for purchase. Water Tanks are common Water Collection Units that give your crops 1 passive Water and require a road to be placed next to them.

Water Tanks will be limited to 10,000 Water Tanks and will not be available in the store after this drop. These Water Tanks work similarly to how a pond works in providing passive water to surrounding tiles. Your Farmers will thank you!

This Water Tank is a great way to get started in Town Star. If you have been hesitant to start playing now is the time! Welcome to Town Star where you can earn Town Coin for completing daily achievements. The Water Tank costs roughly $300 in the Gala store and is available for purchase with Gala Coins only.

It provides a passive water to your crops and requires a road. Water Tanks are available for all players to place in the open world of Town Star.

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