The Suspense is Terrible – Galatines 2022 Chocolate Event


It is a beautiful day here in Town Star, and the news has made its way up the ladder and into the Town Crier (Learn Town Star) also called a bellman, is an officer of a royal court or public authority who makes public pronouncements as required, and this is one announcement that you don’t want to miss – the suspense is terrible!

Welcome my Town Stars, welcome to the chocolate factory.

Introducing in all-new mix to the Town Star ecosystem – The Chocolate Shop!!

But first, let’s begin with introducing the newest crop to Town Star that will feed the Chocolate Shop – Cocoa Fields. Cocoa fields are the latest crop your farmers or tractors will be harvesting in order to feed Lolli and Pop’s Chocolate Shop.

Cocoa Field Town Star

Costing $2,500 to plant, these fields are similar to the Peppermint Fields in that the newest building in Town, the Chocolate Shop, uses them. Requiring 3 wood to begin growing, these fields of Cocoa will produce in (240-1920 Seconds) depending upon proximity effect conditions to your crops.

Lolli then takes that (4) Cocoa that’s harvested and stored in a Silo along with (6) Sugar and (10) Energy – and turns the lovely mixture into every kid’s favorite thing – Chocolates!!!

The Chocolate Shop will be open to all Town Star players, so everyone is invited!

I’m sure we all want to know: what new abilities will these Town Star NFTs have? Keep in mind that not every NFT has the same abilities – there may be special ones even rarer than the average! Here is the list of abilities that certain Town Star NFTs have available:

  • Town Star NFTs for Passive Energy
  • Town Star NFTs for Passive Water
  • Town Star NFTs for Passive Sugarcane
  • Town Star NFTs for Passive Wheat
  • Town Star NFTs for Passive Cotton
  • Town Star NFTs for Passive Oil
  • Town Star NFTs for Bartering Materials
  • Town Star NFTs for Crafting Speeds
  • Town Star NFTs for Storage
  • Town Star NFTs Bots
  • Town Star NFT Skins

Will these NFT’s be worth all my Town Star currency (Town Coin)? I’m sure some will definitely be worth it, but are they going to be better than what you already have in your Town Star inventory? They are still limited edition, so if you want them now is the time! Better start saving up some Town Coin or Gala while they’re still around.

Not everyone will be able to get these NFTs, even if you want them. Our hopes are that a Chocolate contest with a Golden Ticket 🎫 will allow some special players not only the chance to swoop up some Town Star Season 2 passes but also maybe some of these cool new Galatine’s NFT’s that are dropping soon.

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive one of the rare Golden Ticket passes, you’ll be able to use it in Town Star Season 2! – (Speculation and our hopes!)

This speculation we have could see some new Chocolate Shop flavors: Mint Chocolates (because we have Peppermint already, or will this be saved for another Holiday like St. Patricks Day?)

Welcome my Town Stars, welcome to the chocolate factory.

It’s time to get your sweet tooth ready for Town Star Season 2. The new Chocolate Shop will be coming soon, and it is one of the many additions that are being introduced into Town Star. Get excited about what’s coming soon or let us know if you want help getting started on planning out how best to prepare for this awesome addition now before it arrives.

Keep in mind the Golden Ticket and Season 2 Pass are just an idea that we had to make Town Star more competitive and also give players a chance to compete for Season 2 passes with a Willy Wonka Style Chocolate Contest. We’ll see if GG does this type of thing or not. Might even get yourself a Golden Ticket Season 2 Pass NFT for the collection?