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Why is the GalaChain Blockchain Technology a Game Changer for the Gaming Industry?


GalaGames aka GG, is using blockchain technology to create a more secure and transparent gaming environment for players and developers alike. With its transparency and security features, GalaChain blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry.

We are overjoyed at the strides that have been made, and we’re counting down the days until Gala can provide us a long-term solution to unpredictable and vexing Ethereum network costs (gas), as well as a means of rapid and nearly free transactions throughout Gala Games’ ecosystem. A platform update that is planned for Q1 (but probably more likely towards July 31st, with more news and show-offs at the upcoming Galaverse if we had to guess) will be a key step in moving the user experience from minting items from a Treasure Chest to sending things from GalaChain to Ethereum, where they can be withdrawn and traded freely.

GalaChain is a public blockchain platform, which is focused on creating a more transparent and secure environment for online gaming developers to create their decentralized applications. In fact, GG’s primary goal is to build the world’s first end-to-end infrastructure for decentralized games. This includes tools, platforms and services that will allow gamers from across the world to interact with each other in a more secure and transparent ecosystem.

Why is the GalaChain blockchain technology a game changer for the gaming industry?

As a decentralized platform for games, GalaChain allows developers to build DApps within its network without having to worry about scalability problems or security breaches, this is how we’re getting these awesome and amazing game titles all migrating their way to the Gala Ecosystem.

However, what makes GalaChain stand out from the competition is that it will offer a unique feature called “GalaHold”. This feature we currently know as Gala Power and allows players to utilize NFTs and earn tokens to play their favorite games. In doing so, the GalaChain blockchain technology helps keep track of transactions – such as completing quests or missions or winning battles. This provides a more transparent system for gamers, which benefits everyone involved in the process.

What is even better about using blockchain technology to power up online gaming applications is that it eliminates third-party agencies from inserting themselves into the equation. In fact, this will cut down on high fees and hidden charges associated with commissions and fees. By moving off of the main-net Ethereum blockchain, this will allow for players to transact and trade with less gas fees associated currently on the main-net.

Players will be able to not only move items or change GalaCoin to Ethereum, but also send goods/tokens from their GalaChain inventories to other players’ GalaChain Inventories once GalaChain is released (several months later). Remember that GalaChain will be a completely separate blockchain where items and coins are minted.

Polygon will be a crucial component in Gala Games’ bid to crack the complex gas issue, and it will work side by side with Flare and Binance Smart Chain. Gala Games will be able to expand its reach into the blockchain ecosystem in significant ways through working with Polygon, so stay tuned for further details in the coming weeks and months.

This paves the way for the upcoming Town Star NFT Market Board Rental And Lease. There will be a rental system coming to Town Star in 2022. People will be able to rent NFTs to other players and then both parties will split the rewards.

Finally, with all of its transparency and security features, GalaChain could become the industry standard for blockchain-based games in the future.

The transparency and security features of the GalaChain blockchain technology should help it gain widespread adoption for use by other gaming studios as well, so we could see them all migrating to this platform in the near future.

This is a good milestone for us GG Miners! We can now rest assured knowing that our hard work and efforts will pay off later this year when GalaGames releases a working version of its blockchain technology.

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