Storehouses for All Town Star Update 01/25/22

Town Starter Update – Storehouses for All!

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The Town Star staff is constantly listening to community input, evaluating data, and making adjustments in order to create a more pleasurable and empowering gaming experience.The latest update, which went live today, lowers the barriers facing all new Town Star players and pushes them closer to accomplishing the most essential Town Star goal: Gasoline Production.

Starting 01/25/22, every new town starts with a Storehouse Structure already in your town! Continue reading to learn why this is such an important shift in the direction of a more enthralling and pleasurable first time player experience.

Storage First – Production Second – The General Rule of Town Star

Resource storage is one of the most crucial strategic questions for new players, as they quickly discover. Every resource, from the most basic crops to the most high-end crafted items, requires a separate storage container. When a good is created and no storage space is available, it’s horribly destroyed on the street in an inelegant and wasteful spectacle.

Different types of resources are stored in different structures, See the types of Storage below or visit our Storage Guide for info on each type of storage unit type.

  • Wood Shed ($5000) — Wood, Oak Wood and Lumber
  • Silo ($10,000) — Wheat, Sugarcane, Cotton, Mint, Brine, Pumpkins
  • Storehouse ($20,000) — Eggs, Milk, Wool, Butter, Batter, Flour, Salt, Sugar, Cake, Baguette, Candy Canes, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Warehouse ($10,000) — Water Drum, Energy, Chromium, Limestone, Steel, Blue Steel, Wine Bottles, Wool Yarn, Cotton Yarn, Uniforms
  • Fuel Storage ($15,000) — Gasoline, Crude Oil, Petroleum, Jet Fuel

As you can see, the Storehouse is not only the most expensive storage building, but it also houses the most diverse collection of resources.

Town Star Storehouse Forest UpdateHere’s the look at your new Storehouse sitting in your new town.

The Beginning Steps to Town Star

New players must quickly improve their production, selling more than just wheat, to ensure they can earn enough money to continue on the road to Gasoline production. There are a few diverse methods to take these early upgrade stages, but until recently, they all required the construction of a Storehouse.

With the $20,000 Storehouse now included, the player may construct a Windmill, a Chicken Coop, or a Sheep Pen more quickly. By increasing the output capacity of your farm, you can begin generating a higher-tier product that may make 5–10 times more than selling a basic crop like Wheat. New players who spend half or more of their gas on wheat alone have often suffered a fate worse than death: losing the game after a few hours because they ran out of money and didn’t setup gas production.

Town Star Storehouse Desert Update
Life can be rough in a desert full of sand… The Storehouse makes it easier!

On Your Way to Gasoline Production in Town Star

Getting started with making your own gasoline is easier than you may think, especially when it’s broken down into its most basic components.

  1. Building an Economy in Town Star  — To make gasoline, you’ll need a steady stream of income without having to worry about running out of your initial supply. This implies increasing your production to a higher-level good like Flour, Sugar, Wool or Eggs.
  2. Industrial Storage($10,000) —  When you start the game, there is only one storage building available: a Warehouse. It’s required for storing energy and water drums for your gasoline manufacturing process.
  3. Water Facility ($10,000) —  The Water Facility produces Water Drums (much more easily if placed near a pond).
  4. Wind Turbine ($2,500) —  Your Wind Turbine will develop a lot of Energy if it’s placed far enough away from obstructing structures.
  5. Oil Pump ($1,250) —  On a timer, each Oil Pump produces crude oil. Pro Tip: They may be placed next to Wind Turbines with no ill effect.
  6. Worker House ($2,500) —  The Worker who resides here is in charge of collecting your Energy and Oil, which he or she delivers to industrial storage structures.
  7. Paved Road ($10,000) —  Before you can construct your Refinery, the road next to it must be paved.
  8. Refinery ($15,000) —  The last stage is used to transform Crude Oil, Energy, and Water Drums into Gasoline.

Town Star Storehouse Plains UpdateThe Storehouse on the Plains is a storage facility for your eggs, milk, and wool! As you can see, having a Storehouse at the start of the game reduces the complexity of the first step, allowing you to establish a secure cash flow sooner than ever before.

The new Town Star gameplay should enable all players to hit the ground running more quickly while still allowing new players a smoother learning curve when they first start playing the game. It’s a win-win situation!

We’re still a week away from a new update, but it will be the version before Town Star graduates to Season 2 possibly? Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new content you can expect to see in the upcoming update:

1) One new resource: Cocoa Field

2) New NFT buildings: Lolli and Pop’s Chocolate Shop, Uncommon Cotton Storage, Rare Cotton Storage, Epic Cotton Storage, Legendary Cotton Storage, Uncommon Gas Storage, Rare Gas Storage, Epic Gas Storage, Legendary Gas Storage

3) New unique goods: Chocolates

4) New production buildings: Chocolate Shop, Duck House

5) An improved user interface

6) A new gameplay tutorial

7) Bug fixes.

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