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Winter in Town Star

Beginners Guide

Storehouses for All Town Star Update 01/25/22

Town Starter Update – Storehouses for All!

The Town Star staff is constantly listening to community input, evaluating data, and making adjustments in order to create a more pleasurable and empowering gaming experience.The latest update, which went live today, lowers the barriers facing all new Town Star players and pushes them closer to accomplishing the most essential Town Star goal: Gasoline Production. […]

How to Make Gasoline Guide

Making Gasoline in Town Star

Making Gasoline The first essential difficulty awaiting any Town Star competition is gasoline production. If your town does not produce enough gasoline before you run out of your initial supply of 40 units, you will have no means to transport your items to the cities, and thus no way to generate money to keep up […]

gas challenge in town star

Town Star Gasoline Production Guide

So you’ve played a little but but now are wondering how you get more Gas? Follow this Town Star Gasoline Production Guide for tips. First, you need to be able to sustain the minutely rate of the workers and have enough supply to be able to start refining gas. What you want to know now […]

Building Guide

Duck House Town Star

Duck House

Duck House’s are used to take crops and harvest them. Invest in a Farm House to bring another friendly farmer to your town. You need a Silo in order to store your harvested crops. Cost: $1,250 Building Materials: 1 Wood Labor: $10 minute Points: 10 Stores: none Capacity: none Requirements: Dirt Road Affect by: none […]

Cocoa Field

Grows the cocoa that’s needed to make Chocolates at the Chocolate Shop. Cost: $2,500 Building Materials: 3 Wood Points: 10 Stores: none Produces: Cocoa  (240-1920 Seconds) Capacity: none Requirements: Grass Affect by: Buildings, Pollution Pollution: none Shade & Wind Block: 0 tiles

Production Guide

Town Star Current Craft Points, Prices, and Time Cheat Sheet 01/17/21

Did you know that play to earn is a real thing? To play Town Star by Gala Games , you can earn crypto. Do you want to play a game to earn money? Playing games are fun, but have you ever considered how it can be for an opportunity to get paid for playing video […]

Town Star NFTs

Lolli and Pops Galatine's 2022

Lolli And Pops Help Celebrate Galatine’s Day 2022

Lolli and Pop are currently crafting Chocolates as part of the Galentine’s 2022 Holiday Event. With a sweet mix of Lolii and Pop you’ve got an unstoppable sweets-making machine with the ability to keep your local Town Star dentist’s practice open for many years! Who’s going to reign chocolate king and craft up the most […]

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