Town Star

Town Star is a strategic farming game of building, managing production and using ingredients to craft goods. Town Star players are able to own in-game assets which give them advantages in the game. Players can also earn TownCoin, the official play-to-earn reward token of Town Star, for owning player-owned assets. Town Star offers an exciting gameplay experience with many opportunities for customization and features that will keep you coming back again and again!

Town Star is a town-building game with simulation elements. Players are tasked with building up their town to compete for top spots in the play-2-earn crypto gaming ecosystem. All these buildings require workers that players must pay in order to ensure that they can keep working. This town-management aspect of the game becomes more complicated when trying to compete in the weekly competition. Players must manage the town’s money in order to construct new buildings and upgrade existing ones while keeping the town afloat.

At this time players are still collecting data on how much Town Star pays out. This is important to know when deciding if it’s worth putting in the time or money to build up town for this game.

Town Star was released on August 6th, 2020. Since then town builders have been competing with each other in order to build the best town possible!

The player must build a town in a limited amount of space and starting resources. To accomplish this task, the player must feed their AI workers so that they have wages to work. The higher the level of the worker, the higher their wages are.

In Town Star players are able to arrange buildings in whatever pattern they wish, focusing on producing items that are in demand while being mindful of the production times, worker energy levels, and availability of ingredient resources.

Different buildings can be upgraded multiple times to increase their production potential. Each building has an associated requirement before it can be upgraded or have additional functions unlocked. This requires players to manage which buildings they upgrade first to best accommodate the production of their most valuable items.

At the end of the week, players compete against each other in a town-versus-town battle. The town whose town center produces the most town stars is declared winner and earns Gala which can be redeemed for in-game items.

Town Star is a town management and building game. You can play Town Star for free or purchase items in the store. Play-2-Earn allows you to Gala and Town Coin by playing games on Gala Games! Learn town star will teach you how to build your town with our easy tutorials.