Town Star Nft Earnings

So, you wanna earn town star coins to be the Town Star top player? Want to Earn More Town Coin Playing Town Star? You’ll need to place down more NFT’s to collect more Town Coin. Looking for what NFTs earn in Town Star? We’ve got a complete list of all the Town Star NFTs and their Town Coin reward value. Latest and unreleased Town Star NFT Earnings listed and the current values.

– Q: How much Town Coin I can earn?

A: The more NFTs you place down, the more Town Coin you can earn. You’ll need to do some math and check the spreadsheet below.

– Q: How do NFT Earnings work in Town Star?

– Each NFT has an earning amount set to it. This amount is subject to change, but not affected by anything else

– NFTs need to be in your wallet for more than 24 hours before you can earn from them.

– NFTs need to be present in your town before you click the “Claim Rewards” button

– You can use as many NFTs as you like, but your Gala Power Level determines how many NFTs you will earn from

For example:

With Gala Power Level 3, and 5 NFTs in your town, you will earn from the 3 NFTs with the highest earning amounts.

Note: Skins do not have an earning amount

– Q: Where to find Town Star NFTs?

A: In the Gala Store or on the Opensea Network.

– Q: What’s the spreadsheet for?

A: It’s a guide to help you know how much Town Coin you can earn from placing down different types of Town Star NFTs.

Town Star Nft Earnings