How To Make Gas In Town Star

A town is not complete without a gas production plan. This guide will show you how to make one in Town Star.

First, you’ll need an oil pump, refinery, energy source (wind turbine or power plant), water facility and worker house. The crude oil is refined into petroleum and then gasoline at the refinery with the help of a worker from the worker house. You can only sustain the cost of wages beyond 20 Gas if you are producing higher tier goods like flour, sugar eggs or wool because it takes more time for these production chains to get going than it does for someone who produces lower tier goods like wheat or sugarcane.

Steps to Getting Gas Production in Town Star

The economy is the foundation of any town. The first step towards how to produce gas in Town Star is building an economy. This means building a variety of production chains that will provide you with the resources you need to keep your town running. You’ll need to build a refinery to turn crude oil into gasoline, an oil pump to get the oil out of the ground, a power plant or wind turbine to generate electricity, and a water facility to provide clean water. You’ll also need to build a worker house so you can have someone to gather the items needed in the refinery. Once you have all of these buildings, your town will be ready to start producing gas!

Setting up Economy in Town Star

Everyone is on an equal footing when they begin a Town Star game. Regardless of where you choose to create your town, you’ll have the same basic structure in place, but the arrangement of your initial constructions and units will differ somewhat based on the geographical location you’ve picked. There are advantages to selecting the biome aka terrain for what type of Town Build you’re going for.

Regardless of the Town Build type, your first milestone objective will always be to produce gasoline before you run out of it. Check out the How to Make Gasoline in Town Star Guide for more information on how to do this!

There are two primary approaches to increase the value-per-trade of your commodities early in the game. Once you’ve determined a basic approach based on the aforementioned factors, it’s time to choose one. In the end, you’ll need both, but an emphasis must be established first.

  • Ranching (Livestock raising)
  • Windmilling (Milled production)

The Ranching Route

Ranching means you’ll be raising livestock. This entails a few more components than Windmill farming, but the end benefits frequently make it worth your time. Ranching allows you to raise chickens, sheep, or cattle as 3 separate structures/animals.

The Windmilling Route

It is easier to set up windmills than ranches. Flour can be produced more quickly and inexpensively with a Windmill than with eggs. However, constructing and optimizing Windmills for maximum output necessitates careful planning. Almost any farm in the game where you can produce Flour is the ideal place to start. Because Wheat Fields are the simplest and quickest to harvest with your initial resources, flour production is usually the best option. Flour takes longer to make than eggs, but it pays out more than 7 times as much money when sold. I typically build in this order as well for the windmill technique.

Be extremely cautious with your gasoline at first. You will run out much faster than you anticipate. As a result, it’s critical to make the most of every tank of gas – only sell items like Flour, Sugar, or Salt after the first few trades. Sometimes we prefer to go the Sugar Rush Gas method – check out that Gas Guide for fast results.

To make at minimum in Gasoline in Town Star, you will need the following structures:

  • Refinery (and the Paved Road req. to build it) – $15,000
  • Wind Turbine (to produce energy) – $2,500
  • Oil Pump (to produce crude oil) – $2,500
  • Water Facility (to produce water drums) – $10,000
  • Industrial Worker (to harvest the crude oil and energy) – $2,500
  • Fuel Storage (to store the crude oil and gasoline; every Town comes with this base building)
  • Warehouse (to store the energy and crude oil) – $10,000

Remember that most of these buildings will cause Pollution around them, affecting crops and animal farms severely. Place the buildings somewhere out of the way to avoid this. This is why it’s important to have a Water Facility as far from the other buildings as possible because Water Drums are not affected by Pollution.

If you do not have a Wind Turbine or Oil Pump on your map, don’t worry it will take more time but they still work on gas. I hope this helps you on how to make gas for the Town Star gas guide!

How To Make Gas In Town Star