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Town Star Dynamic Star Daily Challenge Overhaul

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We’ve gotten a lot of great ideas for where to take Play-to-Earn since Town Star P2E first launched in October last year. We’ve received a lot of useful comments from the community about how the game should develop and grow in new directions. Today we’re announcing a major update called Dynamic Star Requirements, which will keep all of you active Town Star players on their toes while also enticing new players and NFT collectors to deepen their strategic gameplay.

The fundamental change in the game comes with a new objective: stars. Players will need to collect stars from around the town in order to progress and unlock new content. Stars can be earned by completing various tasks, like building something new, harvesting crops, or catching fish. The more challenging the task, the more stars it awards.

Overhauling The Daily Challenge

The Daily Challenge was designed to be the gateway for P2E.To access your daily play-to-earn TOWN rewards, you must first complete the Daily Challenge, then claim your prize before the daily timer expires.

For the whole of TSP2E so far, the primary objective of the Daily Challenge has been to gather 1000 stars. This number was picked since it represented a reasonable compromise between seasoned gamers who construct on a daily basis and newcomers to the game. We were concerned that new gamers attempting to earn playing with Town Star NFTs would be discouraged. Even for a brand new town and a novice player, the 1000 Star aim may usually be reached in just a few hours of playtime.

The Original Plan

The original loose plan for the Daily Challenge was to eventually develop into a variety of more challenging tasks, as previously stated. We were getting ready to release new character-based Daily Challenges that would incorporate other parts of the game, such as keeping a specific amount of a particular good in storage or production goal.
Phase 1 – Daily Challenge Text Updates
In this first stage of the Daily Challenge rollout, the text and title of the challenge will change, but the goal of the challenge (collecting 1000 Stars) will not. The majority of Phase 1 should be used to introduce new challenge names and little vignettes that offer a glimpse into some of your favorite Town Star characters’ lives. After that we will move on to Phase 2.
Phase 2 – Daily Challenge Goals Changes
After a successful period of introducing new names and goals for the Daily Challenge, we will start incrementally raising the number of stars required to finish the challenge. This change will coincide with updates that make it more difficult to earn stars in general. Completing the Phase 2 Daily Challenge will require approximately 3000 stars.
Phase 3 – Daily Challenge Creative Variety
In the last stage of the Daily Challenge rollout, you’ll notice not just changing challenge titles and stories, but also new requirement statements. It’s likely that the Daily Challenge will transition from a Stars-only to a range of creative accomplishments in this phase. At this point, anything is possible. The Daily Challenge may be as simple as shipping a certain amount of goods, building up a specific amount of storage for a certain craft, reaching a given level in the game, or many other things.

We still intend to expand on the concept of the Daily Challenge in the future, but for now we’re ready to deliver this delectable update that will raise your Star requirements based on how many Daily Challenges you’ve done with that town.

How Do Star Challenges Work? — The Breadcrumbs of Weekly Achievements

As we’ve reviewed community input and the strategy has evolved, we’ve made the difficult decision to concentrate on changing not the sort of Daily Challenge, but rather the number of Stars needed to finish it.

Your new town’s first Daily Challenge will be to acquire 500 Stars. The following day’s challenge will be to reach 750 Stars, and the one after that will be for 1000 stars. After you’ve completed it, the next Daily Challenge will ask you to gain 1000 points. The stair-step pattern won’t be as obvious in the following Daily Challenges, but it will still be there. It’ll eventually fade away and you’ll reach the final Daily Challenge, which will require you to earn a total of 8000 Stars.

daily challenge stars overhaul town star

There is no advancement without completion

If you do not complete a Daily Challenge, your Star needs will never increase. If you reach the 13th challenge’s 3600-star barrier, you’ll be stuck there until you complete it.

What are the differences between Strategy and Tactics?

Players may not want to build a thriving town only to drop in for a few minutes to make a trade and claim their Daily Challenge if they think it’s going to be easy. We want every player to love Town Star as much as we do, to be a part of the excitement of building, developing, and arranging, as well as making strategic judgments at all levels of play to optimize their town and strategy.

What’s Next?

The new server reset begins tomorrow, March 1st, with the start of the new Dynamic Star system. Get ready and have fun with your new constructions. The reset also includes a number of bug-fixes and optimizations. We’ll see you in-game!

With Dynamic Star Requirements in place, we can continue developing new features for Play-to-Earn. These updates will keep all of you active Town Star players on your toes while also rewarding your dedication to the game.

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