Town Star P2E Season 1 Extended

P2ES1 Extended & More Rewards


We’re thrilled to announce that the Town Star team has been hard at work on some new features for your enjoyment. We recently introduced the new Dynamic Star Challenge system, as well as the upcoming introduction of Town Power, but there’s a lot more going on in Town March than just those two things.

The Competition is Back – TOWN it up!

We’ve all been missing the competitive server and it was important to take it offline to rebuild it into something more engaging and exciting based on feedback from the community as well as catch up on past rewards that had not been paid out. Finally, the return of the competition server is here and we’re trilled over here at Learn Town Star.

The Town Start team is going to take it easy at first in order to assess the success of their efforts. The Town Star Team is ready to have a monthly competition server schedule, but they’ll use this reintroduction as a test to see what the best route is moving forward and to ensure that the competition is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

Bigger Reward Pools Mean More Winners

More players will split an even larger prize pool as we welcome back the new and improved competition server! Gala believes that enabling more people to compete for a top position will make the server more enjoyable and approachable for all. We Agree!

The reward pool will be expanding from 400 to 1000 top finishers for the initial competition when the server is up and running. This means that more Town Stars may have a chance at the rewards. The entire prize structure may be seen in the image below.

The competition server will be back up and running shortly. Following the next competition, Gala will evaluate the community’s comments to see how everything went. This test will provide Gala with a lot of information about how effectively the modifications they’ve made have worked, as well as assist them in determining the best approach to maintain the competition server going forward.

While they’re excited to experiment with different reward structures, ruleset variations, and mixing up the gameplay meta for a more enjoyable competition server, they’ll have to take things one step at a time. This reward structure is only temporary, and following this initial comeback, they intend to make substantial improvements to the competition server.

Continued P2E Early Access

With the release of Town Star Season 2 not for some time away, the Season Pass will also have to wait. Fortunately, this means that everyone may continue to participate in early access and earn play-to-earn rewards for a while longer. Praise be free!

Gala can’t wait to take Town Star into the next era, and they’ve got some wild stuff planned for Season 2 – Boundaries, Counties, County Mayors, NFT Rental & Marketplace, Dynamic Weather, and Challenge Improvements. However, there’s still a lot more work to be done in TOWN.

However, there are a few items that simply can’t wait any longer for the next season to arrive. Mirandus VOX NFTs will be placeable in your town this month. Thoon, they’ll provide us with exact information regarding when you may expect to see your VOX in your community.

Time to Clean Up This TOWN

Gala’s been working hard behind the scenes to develop systems that will help ensure that Town Star remains a level playing field – one that is open to everyone to participate on. They’ll have some exciting news regarding new tools they’re working on in the near future, as well as measures to prevent abuse and exploitations that provide unfair advantages.

Given the community’s input, this TSP2E early access period has allowed them to learn a lot about people who want to tip the balance unfairly in their favor. Gala’s dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the chance to enjoy Town Star for what it is: a lot of fun, and those who exploit the game for their own gain harm all of us.

Spring is in the air, and it’s a brand-new server… that Town isn’t going to create itself – Have fun with the new Town Star Dynamic Star Challenge for starters.

Good luck town stars! We’ll see you in the competition server soon!

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