play 2 earn town coin

Town Star Play 2 Earn NFT FAQ


This FAQ is designed to answer all of your play-to-earn questions. If you have additional questions that are not covered in the list, join the discussion in Discord. This is a living document that will be altered and updated as necessary while we pioneer together into this uncharted territory.

Q: Will you only be able to earn with placed NFTs?

A: Yes. You will also need Gala Power .

Q: Will all Town Star placeable NFTs be able to earn?

A: Yes.

Q: Will skin NFTs also earn TownCoin?

A: No.

Q: What is the difference between a placeable NFT and one you apply?

A: Placeable NFTs are buildings or bots that do tasks for you or allow you to hold more items in storage. Skins are NFTs that you apply that (may) give you speed bonuses. Only placeable NFTs earn TownCoin.

Q: Will there be a max number of VOX I can place in my town?

A: If you are Level 100 and own 100 VOX you will be able to place and earn with all of them. However, this may make it difficult to complete the Town Star Daily Challenge that is required to earn your daily TownCoin.

Q: Will VOX need to be placed by a road?

A: Yes.

Q: How are NFT rarities determined?

A: Town Star NFT rarity will be determined by total supply on-chain. VOX rarity will be determined by their current rarity according to rarity score at

Q: What can my VOX earn?

A: VOX rarity will determine the amount of TownCoin you can receive. To see your rarity go to

Q: Will VOX placed have proximity effects?

A: No.

Q: Will the Farmbot be usable in the future?

A: Yes.

Q: How many NFTS can I play with? What happens if I place more NFTs than my power Level?

A: You can play with as many NFTs as you would like. If you play with more than your Gala Power Level allows to earn, the highest earning NFTs will default to earn.

Q: Do my NFTs need to be placed while I’m doing the Daily Challenge?

A: For the purposes of play-to-earn, your earnable NFTs only need to be in your town at the time that you collect your TownCoin earnings. In order to earn the maximum TownCoin you need to place your highest earning NFTs