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The Talk About TOWN: Part 3 – TOWN Power Recalculated

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We introduced the idea of Town Power to the neighborhood recently, and we wanted to take some time to talk about what we’ve got planned after reading and considering your comments. The people of the community have spoken up, and as a result, Gala be taking things slowly and gradually introducing the modifications that they had planned. This will give everyone in the community ample time to adjust their accounts and familiarize themselves with the new systems. While the Early Access season will last a little longer yet, adding Town Power is an essential step in developing a long-term, healthy economy as Gala moves forward to take Town Star to the next level.

What happens in TOWN Stays in TOWN

Gala doesn’t want anybody to feel left out. The introduction of Town Power and the refinement of the Gala Power formula demonstrated that a few individuals had been left behind. This is why they are implementing these adjustments gradually instead. This can help them maintain their adaptability and absorb community input throughout the process, so it’s critical not to rush any changes to economic systems currently built-in place around GALA. TLDR: Not adjustments to the Gala Power formula will be made at this time, but they will begin implementing TOWN Power.

Soon, we’ll be rolling out TOWN Power, which will include a number of new features. We’ll keep you updated on the precise date as it approaches. From the breakdown – explained, here’s how the new TOWN Power will be calculated:

Your Town Power will be calculated on a taken snapshot of your entire TOWN from the previous day, both in your Treasure Chest and in Ethereum Inventory, each day. This implies that your Town Power will only update once a day, and it will be based on your inventory at around 11:00 p.m. UTC the previous day, even if your balance changes throughout the day.

As we’ve previously noted, your Town Power determines the highest TOWN earnings achievable from the Daily Star Challenge. Your Gala Power will still show you how many of your placed NFTs are eligible for earnings. Following the system’s completion, most players should be able to easily add more NFTs, though some of the top town stars may find themselves needing to work a little harder to improve their Town Power in order to optimize their Daily Star Challenge. In order for some of the Whales to maintain most of the current TOWN earnings, they’ll be required to HODL a lot more TOWN to keep the earnings consistent.

The Shift in Power from Gala to TOWN

We anticipate that after the initial Town Power introduction, Gala will make additional adjustments approximately three months from now. These are intended to bring the “balance of power” between Town Power and Gala Power a little closer together. As we stated in our previous post, each Gala Games Ecosystem game must have an independent economy as more games join the market.

Roughly 90 days after the installation of Town Power, they will begin to modify the Gala Power formula. We anticipate Gala to execute small modifications that will reduce TOWN’s influence in the calculation of Gala Power. This is why they’re planning to anticipate the GALA requirements for each Power level ahead of time — concentrating on lowering the standards for the lower levels.

For the initial months of this change, your TOWN will increase your Gala Power– just as it always has – but it will also now increase your new Town Power. They’ll then reduce the degree to which TOWN influences the Gala Power formula over time as more games join the ecosystem and scale down the influence of Gala Power with it. During the next three months, TOWN’s impact on Gala Power will gradually decline from 2x on the first day to 0x on the ~90th day. TOWN will not be involved in Gala Power at that point.

These adjustments will happen gradually, but they are bound to divide the Power calculations into two separate formulas with distinct purposes.

Preserving the TOWN for the Future

Under the hood of Town Star, a more sustainable economy will result from the full adoption of Town Power. Change may be daunting at first, but these adjustments to the reward system should make playing for play-to-earn much simpler for most players.

Under the new system, most TownStars will have far greater ease in putting up additional NFTs and reaching higher compensation levels, and it will be considerably less intimidating for newcomers to try TSP2E. With the full extent of these changes not being implemented until months after Town Power’s installation, the entire community should be able to learn about the new system and develop a Power strategy that works best for them.

Sovereignty for the TOWN

With the further expansion of Gala Games Ecosystem games, Town Power’s implementation ensures that Town Star’s economy stays unique and rooted in actual players of the game. Gala Power is a formula that will utilized on all of our games, whereas Town Power is a special formulation for Town Star.

This implies that gamers will be able to use Gala Power to place NFTs in other games on the platform, but Town Power will only unlock earning potential here in Town Star. Similarly, one who participates in another Gala Games ecosystem title cannot just transfer to Town Star and earn big rewards without being a part of the unique economy of Town Star.

Gala wants people to like and participate in Town Star, which is why optimizing TSP2E for the gamers who are most dedicated to the game and community is so crucial. Gala’s aim to balance the scales with both Power ratings by allowing any Gala Games member to sample new games and gain rewards across the platform using their Gala Power. To maximize earnings at the highest levels in Town, players will need to engage with and become a part of Town Star’s economy by developing Town Power.

Big Changes for a Better Town Star Community

As you can see, we’re (over) excited. However, now that Season 1 has been extended, we’ve already received a great deal of feedback from both existing and prospective players about what they want from Seasons 2 and beyond. We’ll keep you informed on everything that’s going on throughout this entire power-up process, as well as any other game-related news.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for more Town Star contests and events, as well as awesome new features that we’re cooking up just for you. Keep on Towning!

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