Town Quests coming thoon to Town Star

Town Quests Coming Soon to Town Star


As Town Star starts to graduate out of Beta P2E Early Access and into Season 2 – There will be the introduction of Town Quests. You’ve seen the small adjustments made so far to the Dynamic Stars Daily Achievement Challenge, and this is the first step towards the Town Quests.

Town Questing – The Change to Daily and Weekly Achievements

Town Star is about to get a lot more interesting with the addition of Town Quests! These new quests will offer unique challenges and help players prepare for the upcoming P2E questing experience.

Town Quests will be available thoon, more info as we get it in from Gala.

What are the Town Quest Challenges?

At this point, anything is possible and with more community feedback this is possible to change. The Daily Challenge will transition from a Stars-only to a range of creative accomplishments when Town Questing. The Town Quest Challenge may be as simple as shipping a certain amount of goods, selling a specific amount of goods to a certain destination city, building up a specific amount of storage for a certain craft, reaching a given level in the game, or many other things. This means that with each Town Quest Challenge completed, you’ll progress through a series of milestones until you reach your final goal for the Town Quest Weekly Challenge. GG believes this will give all players an equal chance of earning Town Coin, while still allowing some room for miscalculation or mistakes that occur during gameplay.

What rewards can I earn from Town Quests?

Town Quests are a set of achievements that can be completed to earn TOWN. Town Points can be used to purchase NFTs, such as Exclusive Storage items, Skins, and more Utility NFTs. The number of TOWN that you’ll be able to earn will be based upon your TOWN Power as well as the number of NFTs that you’ve placed down for maximum earn. One thing you may be excited about is Treasure Chests – These TOWN Treasure chests can be earned from completing Town Quests. Town NFTs will also have a chance of dropping from treasure chests in P2E Quests, you might also be lucky enough to get one*.

Will Town Quests be available for everyone?

Town Quests will be available to all Town Star residents that have completed the Town Tutorial. If you haven’t completed the Town Tutorial, now is a great time!

Are Town Quests just for fun?

No, Town Quests are not just for fun – They’re for earning TOWN! Town Quests will help players prepare for the upcoming P2E questing experience. As you complete each Town Quest Challenge, you’ll progress through a series of milestones until you reach your final goal for the Town Quest Weekly Challenge. The more Town Quests you complete, the more TOWN you’ll earn. So get ready to start your Town Questing adventure today!

We hope this upcoming change to Town Star excites you as much as it does us. Town Quests will help by providing “Why” behind each Challenge. This is where we’ll see the first instance of these Challenge Improvements – “Why” will be provided to explain why each Town Quest Challenge is asking players to complete this action. This allows players to have a stronger understanding of what they should be doing within their Town, instead of being so focused on trying to get the most possible Stars in the shortest amount of time possible.

*Indicates speculation and insights from the $yNdicate on what GG should be doing to improve Town Star.

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