Snoop's Stash Box Reveal Gala Music NFT

Snoop’s Stash Box Reveal

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Gala Music, a collaboration between legendary producer and record label executive Dr. Dre and Gala, was released on NFTs in collaboration with Snoop Dogg to resurrect his legendary Death Row Records label. This is the birth of Listen-to-Earn, which provides an equitable distribution of music income and a route to discover new artists in the future. Gala has introduced a limited-edition Stash Box NFT to start things off with a bang. Gala has launched a unique Stash Box NFT that includes a large number of goods. The first round of Stash Boxes have already sold out, but they will be available for a limited time, at increased rates each time.

Early Gala Music adopters will receive one of the 18 songs on Snoop’s new album, B.O.D.R., as a Stash Box showcase item when it is opened.

Snoop’s Stash Boxes will be ready to crack open starting the week of March 14th.

What’s in Snoop’s Stash Box?

  • 1 of the standard 18 tracks from the B.O.D.R album
  • All 3 of the Gala exclusive B.O.D.R bonus tracks (including a never released Snoop track featuring Tupac Shakur).
  • A “Welcome to Death Row” whitelist token
  • A Snoop x Aoki token that can be exchanged for an upcoming collaborative NFT
  • An exclusive track from Snoop- “Stash Box”
  • An “Opened” version of your Stash Box as a commemorative NFT
  • 1 of 25,000 Gala or Snoop items (complete table below)

Snoop’s Stash Table

This is a breakdown of 25,000 possible rewards, 1 of which will be found in each Stash Box.







The remaining Stash Boxes will return to the Gala Music store soon, and you may still buy one if you wish. Following a new price tier structure with each 1000 that are sold, they will reappear in the Gala Music store for $6000 each. The cost of each Stash Box will be raised by $250 for every tier.

Tier 1 = $6000

Tier 2 = $6250

Tier 3 = $6500

…and so on until all 25,000 Stash Boxes have sold.

The Snoop’s Stash Box is filled with unique and exclusive items that you won’t find anywhere else! inside the box, you’ll find a digital copy of Snoop Dogg’s new album, B.O.D.R., as well as three bonus tracks that aren’t available anywhere else!

Stay tuned to find out as we open our Snoop’s Stash Box and reveal what’s inside!

Here’s how it will work:

• Connect the wallet containing your Stash Box to the redemption page, go to Collect Snoop
• Use the interface provided to send your Stash Box to the redemption contract. You will be required to pay gas fees at this stage.
• Very shortly, you will receive the NFTs that were inside your Stash Box. Note that Gala items must be held in a Gala account to be usable on the Gala platforms.

Redemptions will be ongoing, allowing you the option to keep or trade your unredeemed Stash Box NFT for a time. Gala may close redemptions at some point in the future, so pay attention in Discord and for email announcements.

So, clarification on the labels colors:
* Red: 1/18 BODR tracks
* Green: Gala-exclusive BODR bonus tracks (incl. “Stash Box”)
* Yellow with “Spider Tanks” label: tracks that are played by default in Spider Tanks
* Yellow with “Death Row” label: tracks that are releases from the Death Row catalog
* Orange — e.g. “Snoop Bounce” track sold in Gala Store: “general” Gala Music songs