TWD VOX Gala Games Drop

AMC’s The Walking Dead VOX Coming to Gala Games


It’s time for the next thrilling installment of Gala and AMC Networks’ collaboration. This time, we’ve tapped into your favorite “Avatars that DeFi” to develop an unique new series of 8,888 custom VOX based on your favorite characters (and walkers) from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead VOX dance party will continue in your town as long as you own a VOX. Didn’t we mention it would be a good idea to have one of these NFT avatars?

Get a Legendary Rick Grimes VOX or keep yourself safe and secure with a katana-wielding Michonne VOX. Don’t worry, even though he comes equipped with the infamous Lucille — the barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat of your nightmares — the Negan VOX can’t harm you.

Walker VOX will be in approximately half of the boxes, with several stages of bodily decay, in addition to most of the characters you know and adore from The Walking Dead television show.

Some Q’s and Some A’s about the TWD Vox Set

Q: What VOX are in the 8888 set?

A: In roughly half of all the boxes, Walkers will appear, along with several stages of bodily deterioration in addition to most of the characters you know and adore from The Walking Dead television series.

Q: What will TWD:VOX be playable in Town Star?

A: No, TWD VOX will not be playable in Town Star or Mirandus.

TWD VOX Drop and Reveal

VOX Box drop: Monday, March 28th
Supply: 8,888
Reveal Date: April 7th
Currency: GALA
Price: TBA (watch for news)

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