Town Star May MAyhem Millions Competition

Town Star May MayHEM Millions Returns

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Some of you may recall last year’s historic May Mayhem Town Star tournament, which offered a grand prize of $1 million. Let’s try for $2 million this time around.🤑

Changes are coming next week, and that will be what in store for May’s Mega Million Town Star Competition. You heard that right – not just a million dollars this year – but we’ve upped the ante to 2 million dollars in competition prizes.

We have some incredible May news planned for 2022, not just for Town Star, but also for the rest of the Gala Games universe. We can’t wait to tell you more about it; you won’t want to miss out on it.

The Town Star Farmer is ecstatic because he knows that the release of Town Star to the masses will be imminent, and he wants to make sure it’s up to snuff for the whole globe to see! He has chosen to have a May Mayhem Competition!

This Competition will be held in four separate rounds, each with a prize pool of ~$500,000 in GALA.

How to Join in on the May Mayhem Town Star Competition

The May Mayhem Competition is similar to the regular weekly competitions in the farming game. Players must begin with a small farm and construct an entire production cycle from the ground up while competition for Town Optimization and Production equates to earning Stars.

Town Star – Play-2-Earn Crypto Competition

Gala Gaming’s FarmVille is a popular farming game, created by one of the original creators of Zynga, the company behind Farmville. Gala developed the game on its own network, which uses the Ethereum blockchain. Players must grow plants, gather resources, and create materials to construct even more structures in order to win. As a result, a modest farm might develop into a bustling village. Town Star may be played on the Gala Games website in any computer with a desktop browser. Make sure your ad blocker is turned off before playing.

The game is really competitive, which is something that I hadn’t anticipated. Each round takes one week to complete, so players have one week to maximize their farm and gain the highest scores possible.

Now go out there and get ready for the upcoming changes and the Town Star May Mayhem Millions Competition.

Note: Please make sure you stay in compliance with the Town Star Rules while playing!

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