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The Town Star Survey Says….

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Based upon the survey that the Town Star Players took over the last week, we’ve gathered the data and The Survey Says

Town Star Survey Results
Q: How did you feel about the value changes in general?

Results: Looks like about 69.5% of users were either indifferent or enjoyed the changes made to the core values of the game! We have kept some changes and adjusted others to align with the suggestions made by the community. Below is an example of some of the feedback we received and how we are addressing it.

Point balancing suggestions:

  • ★ “Candy cane is totally not worth for craft now, before change, it can be a transitional product but now, I can’t see any value of it. I do have a NFT candy shop but it has become a toy to collect coins only. “
  • ★ “Make candy canes easier, with more stars… right now 500 stars is insane”
  • ★ “Candy cane requirements are way off. I realize they are not considered a top tier item, but right now they aren’t even a possible consideration. The raw materials are currently worth more than the Candy Canes. Candy Canes should at least give enough dollars and Stars to make it where if you have a top Candy Cane Build and own some of those Lolli NFTs, you can possibly get top 400 in the competitions. I have 4 Lolli Shop NFTs that were not cheap and are basically worthless at the moment for gameplay. They were so fun to use in the game when the candy canes first came out. I want to use them in builds now too because they are very cool to look at, but can’t due to the way candy cane requirements are set. “
  • ★ “Correct the points for Baguettes and Candy Canes such that it gives more points than selling the components. Currently, we lose 66% of the points with Candy Canes and around 13% with Baguettes. Compared to that, Pinot Noir gives 226% more points than the components.”
  • ★ Buff cakes more. CAKESSSS

Our adjustments:

  • Candy canes’ points are changing points from 50 > 200, and $ from 14,775 > 22,000.
  • Baguettes’ points are going up from 736 > 900.
  • Pinot Noir grapes will be reduced from 20 > 10, and Pinot Noir itself is being changed from 1008 > 808. Cake points are going up from 178,050 > 221,050.

Wage suggestions:

  • ★ “The nuclear plant wage is just set too high. As a blue steel player who was server top 10, I would say it is almost not possible to use more than 4 nuclear plant. And this is what fastest blue steel craft needed. I think it should be 6000/min is must more reasonable.”
  • ★ “cost per min of fabric plant and power plant being $1000 make it almost impossible to progress past one or two of these. I was able to get to 12+ fabric plants making uniforms and now I have struggled getting past one. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy more of a challenge but it does take the fun out of the game not being able to progress because of cost per min. to run uniforms efficiently with power enough for gas you would need at least three fabric plants and two power plants for gas that alone is $5000 a min with an additional average of about $2000 a min for the rest of your town $7000 a min with only three fabric plants seems impossible.”
  • ★ “Decrease the cost of labor for power plant. It’s usually only used for passive energy, so paying $1000/minute for the workers to just sit there is crazy. Plus it makes it much harder to the passive energy you need for the refinery.”
  • ★ “I feel that the tree timer needs to go back down some for planted trees. Possibly 30 seconds? I like the fabric plant increase to 500k but I think 1000/min is too much.”

Our adjustments:

  • Nuclear power plant wages are being reduced from 10,000 > 3000.
  • Regular power plant wages are being reduced from 600 > 450.
  • Cakery wages are changing from 2000 > 1500, bakery wages are being changed from 1000 > 750. Fabric plant wages are being decreased from 1000 > 500.

Crafting suggestions:

  • ★ “Broooo plsssss plsssss plsssss change the tree farm duration from 60s to 40s or atleast to 50s that thing is slow as and depressing! ”
  • ★ “Trees need to be made faster. Both oak and tree farms. I think oak tree should be around 2 minutes, and tree farm 35 seconds. Very slow trees lead to very boring builds. Too many trees on the map don’t cause any challenge to be honest, they just cause boring builds. Also, requirements for wood to make lumber should be decreased. Maybe a middle ground – 6 wood?”
  • ★ “Decrease the amount of wood needed for lumber ( 8 to 6).”
  • ★ “candy canes have way too much peppermint. and give way too few stars for their difficulty”
  • ★ “Fix the lumber problem for running mines, it’s gross”
  • ★ “I am pretty happy with the changes. But I feel, Lumber mill is taking too much wood like 8
  • wood is kind of doubled previous 4 wood. Builds can generate more premium products if Lumbermill can accept less or equal to 6 wood. Just a suggestion. saying again I am happy with the latest changes.”
  • ★ “And power plant is core facility to this game and its maintenance cost is too expensive. Plz lower the cost. Especially iron need many wood and many power. It is too difficult to satisfy this except using power nft”
  • ★ “Chicken coop change to two chickens doesn’t seem reasonable as no matter what the chickens will walk back and forth between coop and trough 1 too many times. Either put 3 chickens back or code that farm animals are aware of how much feed is required (for example when chicken coop is at 2/3 feed, only one returns to pick up the last feed)”

Our adjustments:

  • Tree farm timers are being put back at 30s
  • Candy canes now require only 5 peppermint.
  • Lumber requirements are being changed to 5 wood. Iron will now only require 1 energy and 1 water drum! Chicken coop is back to 3 chickens per coop

Positive Feedback we received:

  • ★ “All these changes were amazing to make people think outside the box. I’m actually sad to see the tree timers are getting adjusted. Long timers made interesting and fun adaptation. Thanks for the amazing game!”
  • ★ “Found them much more challenging and welcome the changes!”
  • ★ “I love the faster loggers. They make me laugh watching them run around like crazy. Good
  • change.”
  • ★ “Generally the game has been the same for over a year. The new changes are great and those of the community causing an uproar. Their voices shouldn’t influence change after such a short time since the updates release. NFT’s will always be on top. Through frustration, it’s the 😭😭😭 💩 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 dedicated players that will find efficiency’s in these new changes. Once the weekly comp returns this will give players the incentive to do so.”
  • ★ “I disliked the changes at first. Special the feed need 2 wheat and my normal wheatstand seemed lower in the working now. But… After playing for a while I found out that I can use the wheat stand with flour mills. That totally shook up my normal wool rush strategy and fabric plants end build making uniforms. It forced me to look for builds I never played before. So I took the route flour to butter and then baguettes. Sofar I managed to get to rank 80 with a 2 river spot. I then found out I had way to much salt places and decide to do over with 2 oceanside and use my rare water tower for trees and wheat. So far I’m rank 100 now. Powerplant I make last just before end build and to clean up the wind turbines and switch those spots for salt. Maybe the trees can grow quicker a bit and lumber needed a bit down. Thanks Gala you rock!”
  • ★ “I feel that the margin of error in terms of the initial economy until you get to make gasoline is very fair, any mistake when building can transform all that effort into losing the town completely”
  • ★ “I honestly like it when things get mixed up often. Keeps everyone engaged and on their toes. keep up the good work!”
  • ★ “I like the changes …it makes the game more challenging and that’s what a game should be challenging”
  • ★ “I really liked the changes involving higher wages and harder gasoline setup in the beginning, i think it should be left as is, i know many people complain about it, but challenging game is way more interesting that what we used to have before.”

Specific meta change survey data:

The most liked change was the changes made to the pond, followed closely by farm tractors, and loggers. The most disliked change was the power plant, which is why we have addressed the wages for that building. Paved road changes were also a high vote for “least liked”, but that will not be addressed with these changes, it may be looked at again in the future.

One last update that we totally forgot to mention….

ALL of the wheat stands, AND the water tank NFT (not water towers) no longer require roads to be placed in towns!

Starting 4/19/22 with the update, of course.

Competition Survey data:

Town Star Competition Survey Results

Q: How would you like the competition to be held?

Results: With the most votes, a longer than 6 day, monthly competition won the poll. As for weekly, 335 users want 5-6 days, 265 want 3-4 days, 237 want 4-5 days, and 199 want a less than 3 day competition. So we may throw a little variety into May Mayhem with competition lengths!!