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Earn more Town Coin – Start Collecting VOX!

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The VOX dance party will continue in your town as long as you own a VOX. Didn’t we mention it would be a good idea to have one of these NFT avatars?

The reality is that it pays to have a VOX. Your VOX will live in its own unique packaging house, boogying down in its own continual dance party. Who knows what might happen? You may see your VOX leave the confines of its original box and begin mingling around your town, spreading that distinctive VOX enthusiasm.

VOX Dance Party

Some Q’s and Some A’s about the Vox Town Star Set

Q: What will VOX do in Town Star?

A: What won’t they be able to accomplish? They’ll dance, look attractive, and if you’re a Gala Power participant who completes your daily challenges, you’ll earn TownCoin every day.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of VOX I can have placed down?

A: No, if you reach Level 100, you are welcome to put up to 100 VOX NFTs – You Uber Collector You! Those who are eligible to earn TownCoin on a daily basis will be limited by their Gala Power, and you may have trouble completing your daily goal with 100 VOX dancing in your city.

Q: How much money will you make as a result of your VOX?

A: This is quite easy. Check the rarity ranking of your VOX on Rarity.Tools to see how rare it is. The most common (rarity rank 8888) has a rarity score of 37.6, whereas the rarest (rarity rank 1) has a value of 3074.57.

On a daily basis, the amount of TownCoin that a VOX will earn is also determined by its rarity score.

For example, this VOX…

VOX Rarity Level 8888

The prize pool is funded by the community, and all TownCoin owners have an equal chance to win. The top winners will be able to extend their lead through winning more daily challenges, Gala Power, and eventually earning a Season Pass. All eligible requirements (Daily challenge, Gala Power, and ultimately Season Pass) must be met for TownCoin to be Earned. (This is speculation).

This VOX…

VOX Rarity Level 1

One can earn a whopping 3074.57 TownCoin each day as long as Gala Power and daily challenge requirements are met.

Both are adorable, but one is far superior at obtaining TownCoin based on the blockchain rarity of the NFT. If you’re looking to buy a VOX on the secondary market at Opensea, keep this in mind.

Q: Are VOX Required to be placed next to a road?

A: Oh, that’s a great question! Your VOX home will need to be adjacent to a road, as is the case with most buildings in Town Star. Are you thinking of having your VOX dance in the dirt? Come on, show some respect!

Gala Games is thrilled to take a game that we all adore and propel it into the realm of play-to-earn. Gala Games is thankful to the community, whose support makes all this growth and success possible, as they continue to expand the fantastic Gala team daily. Be sure to go Gala Gold.

How the Gala VOX Set is Beneficial to earning TownCoin

A VOX has two values: rarity and character stats. The VOX with the highest amount of TownCoin earning potential is the ‘rarest’ one, with a Rarity score of 3074.57. Even if your VOX isn’t rare, you can still earn TownCoin every day just by playing! Start Collecting your VOX today and earning that TownCoin.

This article is a reminder that there are ways to earn TownCoin every day, even if you don’t have the rarest VOX. Your characters’ stats can also help your earning potential since they determine how many coins you’ll win for playing games and interacting with other players in town. With this knowledge, start collecting those VOX today so that at least one of them will be worth all 3074.57 TownCoins!

Town Star Own Your Game Play

Town Star – a Better version of Farmville and You Earn Cash from Playing

So what makes Town Star so much better than Farmville? Town Star can pay you cash for playing, Farmville doesn’t. It’s true, Town Star pays you in Town Coin right in your Gala Wallet. Town Star is a game where You Earn By Playin’! Town Star allows you to earn cryptocurrency by playing a fun and complex game..

Here are some reasons why Town Star is better than Farmville

Play Town Star and Earn Gala and Town Coin: Play to Earn: Play Town Star and Play 2 Earn Gala and Town Coin at the same time. You play and have a chance to earn the weekly challenge for top players while earning Town Coin rewards for every day you play.

Play 2 Earn Town Coin: Play to Earn Town Coin while doing other tasks. Play Town Star while working on your laptop, watching TV or playing other games to earn Gala rewards.

Collect Town Coin: Collect more Town Coins and get a bonus Gala Levels which increase rewards earned.

Extra Town Coin with NFTs: Get an extra reward of your shares in any NFT placed during the reward challenges.

earn massive rewards from town star

There are two main ways to get Town Coin in Town Star: Play or Pay.

1) Play and Play the Game (Free Play to Earn)

You play in Town Star and can win Free Play. This is when you collect Town Coin for playing free games in Town Star. If you play and place within the top 400 of the week, you’ll earn your share of the weekly META challenge rewards.

2) Pay and Play the Game (Extra Pay to Earn)

You spend money on Town Star and can win Extra Town Coins. You either get one thing from the daily rewards bonus, or you get paid with TC per NFT that you place down after completing your daily and weekly missions.

Earn Crypto Playing Video Games

Why Should I Invest in NFT’s and Town Star?

Town Star is a better version of Farmville because you can earn money by playing it. Play Town Star to earn Gala and Town Coin by playing games on the site. Play 2 Earn rewards will give you Gala for every day you play Town Star while Play Town Star rewards will give you Town Coins for every day you play. Collect more Town Coins with Collect Towns for bonus Gala Levels. Earn extra Town Coin with NFTs and get a payout in one of the daily competitions in Town Star. Play 2 Earn and Play Town Star are both Play to Earn Town Coin.

• No need to pay Town Star’s high prices for items in order to get rewards

• You can earn Town Coin by playing the game, but it doesn’t compare with how much you can earn when you buy an item because of the number of coins given per power level and NFT play.

• Pay to Play Earn is a good idea and should be used for those who want to make extra cash playing video games.

Play 2 Earn vs Play Town Star – which is better for earning Town Coin? Play to earn or pay to earn. It depends on what you want out of your experience in the game and how much time you have available. Play 2 Earn rewards will give you Gala coins every day that you play, but Play Town Star rewards only gives a fixed amount of coins no matter how many days per week that someone plays. However, there are other ways to earn more than just playing games because it’s not as rewarding as buying an item from the store with real money because all players get 1 coin per power level regardless if they buy anything from the shop or not. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry- we’ve got your back!

Our team is here to help you out with Pay 2 Earn vs Play Town Star. If you want to play games for free and not pay, Play Town Star rewards will be the way to go. Play Town Star is an amazing game that allows players to earn cryptocurrency just by playing video games every day!

⚡Gala Power⚡ Scale (Subject to change)

Levels 1–20: Every 5K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Levels 21–35: Every 10K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Levels 36–45: Every 25K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Levels 46–55: Every 50K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Levels 56–65: Every 100K ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Levels 66–73: Every 1M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Levels 74–81: Every 5M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Levels 82–86: Every 10M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Levels 87–94: Every 50M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

Levels 95–100: Every 100M ⚡Gala Power⚡ held increases your level by one

⚡Gala Power⚡ Equation:

Gala Power = Gala Coin + (Town Coin*2)

Gala Power Levels can be calculated using the following Town Coin Calculation formula:

Gala Power = Gala Coin + (TOWN *2)

Example: If a person has 10,000 GALA and 5,000 TOWN, the Gala Power would be Level 5:

How is this calculated? See below

10,000 + (5,000 x 2) = 20,000 Gala Power

20,000 Gala Power means this person has a Gala Power Level of 5 according to our chart above.

The above table shows the minimum amount of Gala Power required to reach each Gala Power Level.

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