How does Pollution affect Production?

Pollution Proximity Effects

Pollution has an adverse effect on agricultural and ranch building construction.

The pollution level is not absolute. It varies from 0% to 100%, and it affects both ranch and farm production negatively. In fact, pollution can shut down factories completely if pollution hits a high level that factories have trouble dealing with. The lower your pollution percentage, the less damage it does to your farms and ranches.

Pollution Harms Crops and Ranch Production Output

“If you are looking at pollution in Town Star, pollution = $$$. Pollution and Proximity affects both ranch and farm production negatively. But by how much? Here’s a short list of what each level of pollution does to ranch and farms:

0%-25%: The effect of decreasing farm production by 25% or less if it’s dirty or very dirty. It has no effect on clean buildings but it lowers them too if the pollution rating on the pollution scale is at 0%.

25%-50%: Farms are affected by pollution. They lose 25% production if it’s dirty or very dirty, and 10% if clean. Ranches that are not on the farm or ranch industry lose 20% of their normal production rate.

50%-75%: The pollution level for this area starts to get dangerous. All ranches (not factory ranches) start losing 30% production while all farms (dirty and clean) start to take a serious hit with either a 45% decrease in output or 40%, depending on pollution rating, whichever applies first. If your pollution percentage is greater than 50%, ALL buildings (any industry type) will suffer: they’ll lose 15% production of their pollution level if it’s dirty or very dirty pollution, and 10% of their pollution percentage of what the pollution rating is.

75%-100%: This is usually marked by a red pollution warning sign on your pollution indicator bars. All factories start to shut down, which means all ranches lose 75% of the production they normally would have. On farms, ranch buildings are at 40% production while farm buildings are 45%.

>100%: Quite simply, you’re closed due to excessive pollution levels. You can’t play this game if you don’t fix it!


Proximity Pollution Affects in Town Star

Examples of Pollution and Production in Town Star

As an example: Let’s say that pollution on the pollution bar is at a pollution level of 50%. The factory would be using equipment at 10% efficiency, which means it produces less products per hour. But pollution takes a bite out of our production: There’s a 40% chance that the pollution level will reduce the number of products by 45 to 54%, which puts us comfortably in negative numbers for production if we’re lucky to not have been unlucky.

In this example, let’s say there are 2 other farms in this particular region that produce crops. These fields were placed right next to our polluting factory, so it only makes sense that they’d be too! These facilities emit pollution, so pollution affects their production too. But the pollution is lower on the pollution bar for these farms – 25% pollution level, to be exact.

To calculate these farms’ pollution levels, we have to take our pollution percentage over 100. Let’s say that the total pollution in this area is “150%: Our factory is producing at 10%, while these other two produce at 12%. Let’s not forget about the effect of our pollution: For each facility (factory and farms), it reduces production by 40%. With a 50% pollution mark, we get half of the original value: 1 product per hour! At 75%, that number becomes 0.75; 150% means that all 3 facilities produce nothing every hour.) Every time one of these farms produce, pollution at that pollution level is reduced. We can do the math to know exactly how much pollution is removed if each farm produces one unit of crop; this means pollution would reduce by 0.125 every hour! Over time, pollution levels would start to go down our pollution bar until it’s clean again after a few hours of non-production.

Final Thoughts on Pollution in Town Star

Pollution in Town Star can have a negative effect on production. That is why it’s important to keep pollution levels low by taking care of your factory and farms. While this article has only touched upon the basics of how pollution affects production, we hope you’ll find these tips helpful as you play Town Star! For more information on Beginners Guides talking about How to start in Town Star or assistance, the team is always happy to help out fellow gamers who are looking for answers!