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1. Gala will be releasing the next pricing tiers for all Gala priced items in the store today. These will reflect recent changes to GALA and TOWN, while holding the principles of rarity, utility and earning in the price.

2. Previously, due to the low liquidity in TOWN, Gala priced the TOWN only items (solar panels, Teslas, and some haunted items) at an absolute TOWN price. Without a market for TOWN, Gala used a USD value for the items and temporarily set TOWN value at $.20 to develop prices, waiting for TOWN to establish itself.

Monday, November 29, 2021 7:00 PM GALA will change TOWN priced items to dynamic pricing, which is the same method used for all GALA items in the the store. Note: Haunted items will be removed from the store on December 1st. What does this mean? On Monday, November 29, 2021 7:00 PM , GALA will swap current TOWN prices with their new price in TOWN tied to current USD value.

For the current pricing tier, Gala will honor the intended initial USD value of items, so, expect to see a price drop in TOWN on those items. Tier 2 will then be released – these prices will be raised to be more in line with the overall pricing in the store.

Further, from now on, all TOWN items will be priced dynamically, including the ability to purchase future releases of Town Nodes in TOWN!

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