news - town star outage 12/7/21


Patch Notes

AWS Outages cause huge Growing Pains but Good News! – Some Players are stuck at 60% and not able to play right now.

Hey Town Stars – As some of you are already aware GALA is experiencing issues with our site and some players aren’t able to get into Play Town-Star while others are able.

To be fair to everyone They’re going to shut down the weekly server at 11:45 PST until these external issues are resolved. Once the issues are resolved we will give you all a heads up when the server will reopen with notice in advance. We are going to restart the weekly competition server tomorrow, Wednesday at 9AM PST. This means that everything will be reset and start over completely.

This type of overall server reset to give players a fair chance at the land grab selection. We’ll see what happens, check back in a short amount of time and start creating a booming economy in Town Star in no time using our guides.

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They are aware the Gala website is seeing some issues. Unfortunately, many of these issues are outside of their control at this time. Store purchases or issues with login and gameplay may arise. Please be patient as we all shake our fists at the internet, and avoid submitting tickets for these new issues. We will keep you updated. Thanks for being awesome!

Check out the charts below!! –

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