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Town Coin Reward Collection Bug – Here’s the Quick Fix For You

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Currently there is a bug for some players when trying to collect Town Coin. There are a couple reasons collection can bug after fulfilling the challenge.

Here are things to try:

1. It could be browser related, try these things in order to collect your Town Coin:

• Disable any add blockers.
• Close all Browser tabs and windows.
• Clear cache or press Shift+F5 (PC) or CMD+Shift+R (MAC) to ignore cache.
• Log out and back in.
• Restart device.
• Try another browser (Edge is recommended by top players).
• Try on another device.
• Try another browser.
• Try on another device.
• Try on a phone with data (different network if available)
• Make sure your shields are down if using Brave Browser.

2. Remove and replace your NFTs

• Move the Trade/Express Depot to another edge for a server recalculation.
• You could receive a message that looks like the one below if you don’t play down any NFTs.
no gala power rewards in Town Star

3. Multiple Town Issue:

Sometimes, creating multiple towns could prevent you from collecting TOWN. Try and look through your towns for the one you can collect on (Make sure to check every server. The game will not show any indication of a town on the server select menu.) and see if it is working there, deleting the extra town(s) is an option if you are holding rank in the competition server.

4. Internet Issues

Try resetting your router modem or try another network like mobile hotspot on a phone that is not the same network. You must refresh after you collect 1,000 stars in order to collect your TOWN.

Be sure to submit an issue in the bug-reports channel through Discord if you’re having any further issues.

FAQ About Getting Town Coin:

Q: Collect button is greyed out? Refresh Stuck on loading screen?
A: Try clearing cache, logging out/in, closing all browsers then trying again, trying a different browser

Q: Collect rewards show 0 but you have an NFT’s?
A: New NFT’s must be in wallet for 24hrs, also double check if you have at least 1 gala or .5 town.

Q: Can I earn with no NFT?
A: Yes you can compete only in the weekly server to win GALA, If you want to earn TOWN you will need at least 1 NFT and 1 gala or .5 town in your wallet (also meet the 1000 stars)

Q: Number of NFT’s don’t add up to how much you should collect?
A: In order to collect from New NFT’s they must be in your wallet for 24hrs. Gala Power Level must match the # of NFT’s you’re trying to claim from.

Q: How do I get Gala Gold and what does it come with?
A: Gala is for the purchase, ETH is for the gas. Gold gets you an Express Depot that let’s you claim 1 TOWN after completing the daily challenge. Must also have at least 1 Gala or .5 TOWN in your wallet.

Q: Cheapest NFT to start?
A: Gala Gold gets you the Express Depot NFT to claim 1 TOWN daily (must also meet other requirements)

10 Tips for How to Make More Town Coin Playing Town Star

In order to make more money playing Town Star, there are a few things that you can do.

1) Complete the daily reward challenges – These challenges are easy to complete and you can earn rewards such as Town Coin, Experience Points (XP), and Gala Power.

2) Collect your rewards – You can collect rewards from completing challenges by clicking on the “Collect” button.

3) Use your Town Coin to buy other NFTs – Town Coin can be used to purchase items in the game, such as buildings, skins, and automation. You can also use it to give you an edge in the weekly server competition.

4) Join a guild – Joining a guild can give you a lot of advantages in the game, such as extra rewards, discounts on items in the shop, and help from other players. Guilds and Clans can help improve your chances of winning by giving you extra rewards, discounts on items in the shop, and help from other players. Joining a Guild is a great way to get started in Town Star. You can find a Guild by joining the discord chat. There are many different types of Guilds to choose from, so be sure to find one that fits you best. You can also create your own Guild if you don’t find one that suits your needs.

5) Gain experience and multipliers from Gala Levels – By getting experience and playing you’ll get multipliers, these help when collecting Daily Rewards Bonuses as holding more NFTs and playing them will increase your Bonus Town Power.

6) Gather NFTS – A Must Have if you want to Earn Town Coin! Good to play if you are trying to get additional Town Coin.

7) Play during prime hours – If you play around 9-11 pm EST that’s when the most players are on, but play whenever is best for your schedule. The fastest growing play 2 earn gaming ecosystem that is owned by the players. These steps will have you up and running in no time earning real life cash for playing Town Star.

8) Share play 2 earn with friends – Inviting people to play play 2 earn helps them get started plus it helps me out too, I get extra Town Coins which can help me make more money playing Town Star!

9) Log in daily – This is a common rule for almost any game where you want to keep getting rewards

10) HODL GALA & Town Coin – You’ll get additional power levels for how much Gala and Town Coin you’re holding in your Gala Account.

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