The Great Town Star Reset

The Great Town (Star) Reset!


It’s been a little while since Town Star was released, and in that time the game has seen a lot of growth. With that growth, however, has come new challenges – ones that the game wasn’t originally designed to handle.

One such challenge is the fact that Town Star is now a month-long game. This means that players now have more time to progress, but it also means that the game needs to be updated to reflect that extended play-time.

Thankfully, the developers of Town Star have been paying attention to the community and the changes that need to be made in order for the game to continue thriving. As such, they’re announcing a reset for the game that will address some of the most pressing issues.

Big Changes to Town Star Competition

Chief among these issues is the pacing of the game. In its original form, Town Star was designed to be a fast-paced weekly race. However, with the extended play-time of a month-long game, that model no longer works.

To address this, the reset will introduce new content at a slower pace. This will give players more time to explore and enjoy the game without feeling rushed.

Another issue that the reset will address is the grind required for end-game items. Currently, getting your hands on those top tier crafts and builds can be quite tricky, especially if you’re not in a high-ranking guild or private discord channel.

To fix this, the reset will introduce new ways to get those end-game crafting items. This will make it easier for players to obtain the things they need without having to spend hours grinding away trying to get fuel production going. The introduction of Auto Trade / Auto Sell should also bring the novice players up to speed with the expert script players (we’re trying to level the playing field here).

The reset is also introducing some changes to the way the game is played. Notable changes will include craft time updates/different requirements to craft things, so be prepared to play around and re-balance those old layouts. We expect that the process of starting a town will become faster & easier while expanding into a full & final build will become more challenging. Reaching those top-tier goods should feel like an accomplishment, and this re-balancing of the flow of the game is intended to create that sense of success through progressive difficulty. We’ve also addressed the in-game money flow by decreasing common early-game costs while increasing many late-game costs and wages, and adjusting some of the earnings/stars from selling many goods. The hope is that finances start out easier than they currently are, but become a more integral part of the game and may require some thought and balance as you grow into those more advanced builds. This will give players more time to enjoy the available content, and it will also help to reduce the amount of stress that can be associated with the game and the competition of trying to place an early start on the land grab.

Ultimately, the reset is about making Town Star more enjoyable for everyone. It’s about ensuring that the game can continue to grow and thrive, and it’s about giving players the tools they need to succeed. Thanks for playing Town Star, and we hope you enjoy the new changes!

There will not be a competition starting right away. Once these changes have been in effect for two weeks and we all have a chance to work towards those final builds, we’ll take community feedback on what may need further adjusting. We love hearing from you and are excited to see what you all have to say, so be ready to fill out that feedback form in the Discord Channel.

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