Gala Gold Superior Plasma Rifle

Gala Gold NFT Drop – Superior Gold Plasma Rifle Skin


The only thing better than melting the faces off of corrupt superheroes with hot plasma is getting a free NFT…All active Gala Gold members who joined us before April 14th should have received a shiny new NFT from the Drifter team!

Gala Gold Superior Plasma Rifle


Other Cool NFTs

You have no way of knowing when one of our titles, or partner developers, will be inspired by a sudden Golden burst of generosity.In the past, the GAMEDIA crew has given away Sentinel Skin to all Gold members, as well as some unique early playtesting action. Many of these unexpected presents aren’t announced in advance, but the longer you play Gold, the better your chances of finding some fantastic loot!

Gala Gold Leaks

We almost always provide sneak peeks and leaks to Gala Gold members in the unique Gala Gold Discord channels. Some things in the game are shared with Gala Gold, but they are never seen by the rest of the player base! Gala Gold is the place for gamers of all stripes. Whether you’re a content creator, a beta test participant, or simply a curious gaming enthusiast, Gala Gold is the spot to go.