May Mayhem Competition Town Star Details

May Mayhem Competition Town Star Details

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The May Mayhem Competition is a weekly competition that will take place on May 3, 2022 10:00 AM (in your local time)! The first week’s competition will run for 6.5 days and will end May 9, 2022 10:00 PM (in your local time)!! Following weeks’ dates/ lengths will be announced at a later date. During May Mayhem, you’ll have the chance to test your top building and crafting skills as you compete to earn the coveted Town Star prize. So start preparing now – May Mayhem is just around the corner!

The First Week’s May Mayhem Competition META is….

The meta for the first week will be the current standard rules (Vanilla) that are active now (with the exception of Oak Tree water requirements which will be adjusted back down to 5 water.)

You can check out all the latest Town Star Core changes in our previous article.

Considering how we’re always searching for ways to express our gratitude to the amazing Gala Games community, we decided to turn May into a time of celebration… A celebration of rewards for all of you. Now let’s get into the cryptic details that will leave you wanting more.

$4 Million in Prizes

Last year it was $1 million. This year it’s 4. Town Star players alone will have the opportunity to take home a portion of $2 million in GALA rewards. The other $2 million will be distributed to participants of several other games and initiatives throughout the month of May. That’s all you get for now, so you better brush up on your Town Star and get ready for May!
Play Town Star in May for a chance to win a portion of $2 million in GALA rewards!

Free NFTs

Got your attention with that one, didn’t we? We’re not talking about mere collectibles either, we’re talking about a bunch of Gala Games NFTs with Gala gaming utility in (you guessed it) Gala Games.

Tons of these NFTs will be distributed throughout the month of May at various times to Gala Games wallets who held certain specific Gala Games NFTs at the time of an upcoming snapshot.

SNAPSHOT — Friday, April 29th — 11:59pm PT

Free NFTs will be distributed throughout the month based on NFT collections at the time of the snapshot. To be eligible for free NFTs, certain NFTs must be held in either the Treasure Chest or Ethereum Inventory of a Gala Games account wallet.

Let’s say there’s a certain piece of NFT land that entitles owners (at the snapshot) to a special and exclusive new free NFT for May Mayhem, and let’s say you purchased that piece of land 5 minutes after the snapshot. Sorry! You needed it to be there during the snapshot to be eligible.

We’re not going to say for sure which projects and titles will distribute NFTs. Owners will have to wait and see for themselves, and it will be BIG. Now’s your chance to browse the secondary markets if you’ve been on the fence about that weapon, that building or that deed. You have until Friday night for your collection to count toward May Mayhem’s free NFTs.

May Mayhem Prize Pool

The May Mayhem Competition is heating up this year with over 2 million dollars (USD) in prize pool money. Town Star, by Gala Games, is one of the leading gaming communities for competitive players, is hosting the competition and inviting everyone to join in on the fun. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just starting out, now’s your chance to prove your skills and win big! Stay tuned for more details as May Mayhem approaches.​

Last year, the top 500 players saw some HUUUUUGEEE rewards and this year is going to be even bigger. How wild and crazy is going to be with The Green Dragon Express in action during this competition? Have you collected all 10 dragon vouchers? Thoon it will be released into Town Star and it’s going to be a game-changer for land grabs and epic builds that don’t require gas.

May the best builder win! Stay tuned for more details and be sure to check back regularly for updates!