Town Star Green Dragon Express

The Green Dragon Express

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You may not be aware of the Mirandus Dragon Familiar, which is rewarded for gathering all ten Mirandus Dragon Vouchers. You’re probably thinking of the Mirandus Skin Packs’ Mirandus Dragons, right?

Basically, it now has a Town Star counterpart. Holders of all 10 Dragon Vouchers will be aided by the Dragon with rapid and gasoline-free deliveries, which is a significant game-changer.

There are currently only a few of Mirandus Skin Packs available in the Town Star shop, so if you still need your Dragon, act now.

Welcome the Town Star Green Dragon Express into your game today!

Gasoline Free Deliveries now with the Green Dragon Express. The first of it’s kind, the Green Dragon Express is a new way to get around your town without having to spend any time, effort, or space building gasoline!

How does it work? The Town Star Green Dragon Express uses a unique system of transportation that moves goods from one place to another using only the power of the wind. The dragon itself is actually an addition for collecting all 10 dragon vouchers and propels itself forward in game-changing land grab builds.

Town Star Green Dragon Express Leak

Take a look at our Dragon we’ve tamed and had fun playing around with free gas trading. This makes the Auto-Trade / Auto-Sell feature in Town Star an amazing way to compete in the May MayHem Competition that’s bringing not only 1 million in prizes this year to Town Star, but 2 million in prize pool money.

Act now, and get the Town Star Green Dragon Express in your game today!