Town Star Winter Break


Patch Notes

Hey Fellow Town Stars!

The devs and engineers are still working on polishing things up and have decided it would be best to hold off on the Weekly Competition a bit longer.

There will be NO Weekly Competition starting this Tuesday, Jan.18th.

They are also working on getting out all of the past rewards (starting in week ending Nov. 29). They are still looking into the discrepancies from weeks ending Nov. 8, 15, & 22.

Gala will not begin the weekly again until AFTER they have completely caught up on past rewards. It’s possible it will be a longer break depending on updates and issues that are being worked on.

Thank you for being patient while Gala fixes the things. 🥰

Have fun in the play-to-earn servers! Take this time to try out new builds and test things you’ve never tested!

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They are aware the Gala website is seeing some issues. Unfortunately, many of these issues are outside of their control at this time. Store purchases or issues with login and gameplay may arise. Please be patient as we all shake our fists at the internet, and avoid submitting tickets for these new issues. We will keep you updated. Thanks for being awesome!

Check out the charts below!! –

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