Into the Galaverse 3.0 San Diego December 2022

Into the Galaverse San Diego in December 2022!


Huge Breaking News today! Galaverse 3.0 will be held in the Sunny San Diego and in December! Galaverse US is going to be taking place in San Diego at the Convention Center this year! IF you’re not able to make the Galaverse summer event, there will be Galaverse 2022 in the Winter being held in the U.S. followed by a Galaverse in Asia in 2023.

If you’ve missed any of the things happening at the into the Galaverse – probably growing into GalaCon (with all the games coming into the Gala Games and Gala Labs ecosystem).

galaverse preview 2021

It was clear that the Galaverse is much, much larger than any one event, no matter how spectacular.

We will be in San Diego in December

The Galaverse US Details

  • Ticket Info: TBD
  • Number of Attendee Tickets: TBD
  • Attendee Ticket Price: TBD
  • Ticket Limit: TBD
  • Virtual Ticket: TBD
  • Location: TBD

Wen Galverse 3.0 San Diego, CA United States Virtual Ticket Sale??

Wen? Well – All we can say is….Thoon! You’ll know as soon as know more info on the upcoming Galaverse US Virtual Ticket Sales.

Wen Galverse San Diego Ticket Sale??

As we’ve seen with past Galaverse events, tickets typically follow the following order for invites in the following order:

  1. Prior Galaverse attendees
  2. Gala Founder’s Node Owners
  3. Gala Gold Members
  4. Gala Town Node Owners or Gala Music Node Owners
  5. Gala NFT owners

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