Town Star May Millions MayHEM

Mayhem Comes to Town Star


April showers Brings May MILLIONS in Town Star
Mayhem has finally arrived, and this year we’re delivering even more rewards directly to Town Star’s streets! Last year’s May Mayhem was enormous, and this year we’re going bigger still. As previously stated, $2 million in prizes will be delivered to the Town Star community throughout next month!

We’ve got a lot of extra bonuses and NFTs to distribute around this year’s GALA Games. There will be methods for everyone in Town Star to qualify for these extra rewards, whether you’re playing in the contest or on a play-to-earn server! There is simply no way to convey May in Town other than with Mayhem.

The Rewards of a Vast Competition

The return of the competition couldn’t have occurred at a more opportune moment. For the competition server, we’ve substantially increased the prize pool—much farther than it’s ever been before! GALA offers weekly rewards in the form of:

  • 1st — $15,000
  • 2nd — $10,000
  • 3rd — $7,500
  • 4th-10th — $3,000
  • 11th-100th — $1,000
  • 101st-200th — $715
  • 201st-300th — $450
  • 201st-1000th — $150
  • 1001st-2000th — $50

The competition will take place in four distinct rounds every week, with a new challenge starting on May 3rd and running through May 9th. Get your plans in order, Town Stars!

In May, hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes will be awarded to those who finish in the top two thousand each week during the month of May, and there will be additional random placement bonuses each week!

These bonus prizes will be given to different, undisclosed ranks across the leaderboard each week. The amount of places rewarded and the reward amounts will vary each week, but the total of these bonus rewards will come to an extra $40,000 in GALA each week!

Enhanced Play-2-Earn (P2E)

The Play-to-Earn servers will not be left out of the MAYhem. In addition to regular earnings throughout the month, each server will provide extra rewards for random placements on the leaderboard in addition to basic earnings.

For P2E servers, May will be divided into two 2-week periods. Instead of the usual 30 days, you’ll have just 14. During each 2-week session, numbers will be chosen to win a prize GALA live stream immediately follows.

These bonuses will total up to more than $200,000 throughout May on the P2E servers. These aren’t rewards for being at the top of the rankings… there’s plenty of that already going on!

Fresh in Town – Are Referrals!

To commemorate the mayhem, we’re introducing a brand new referral program into Town Star for the month. There’s never been a better moment to get your friends introduce to play-land-earn.

During May, each friend you send to Town Star will get closer to an enormous NFT prize. To earn a shining new Feed Bot, you’ll need to refer 10 more Town Stars throughout the month!

After logging into Town Star, you will find this image:

Say hello to Feed Bot!

When you click this link, you’ll be sent a unique referral link that you may share with others.

Anyone who uses this link to join Town Star will be eligible for your Feed Bot award, but they must play the game. You’ll see an in-game counter indicating how close you are to achieving 10 referrals and obtaining your Feed Bot NFT.

You might get a very limited edition Feed Bot assistant for your village if you go out and share the greatness of Town Star with the rest of the world.

Where’d the NFTs Go?!

YEP! We removed all TOWN-earning items from the Town Star store as part of the reformation of the Town Star economy. You could still locate some of them on OpenSea’s secondary market.

Every single Town Star NFT we pulled from the shop today will be burned from supply. Let that sink in.

Let the Town Star MAYhem begin!

This is just the beginning of a month-long series of bonuses and higher prize pools throughout the Gala Games ecosystem, and Town Star isn’t the only one with fantastic incentives and increase in pool. The fun is about to start. Build your town to increase your chances of winning big!