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Town Star P2E Uniform Competition Heats Up for MayHEM


Hey Townstars! Get ready for the latest Play-2-Earn Server Competition in Town Star. The P2E servers will reset on May 17, 2022 9:00 AM and will re-open exactly one hour later for a new round of rewards! The random placement rewards from part 1 of May Mayhem on the p2e servers will be drawn sometime after the servers close. During this server reset, daily stars requirements for P2E for all servers will be reset to 500.

Are You Uniform Enough For the Challenge?

Town Star UniformsGet your Uniform Towns ready for part 2 of May Mayhem on those p2e servers!! After 7 days of building those perfectly balanced uniform towns, we will start our tracking for uniform sales (exact time TBA). So use those first 7 days to get your best uniform town up and running! Uniform sales prior to the TBA start time will not count toward the prize. The top 6 users from each of the 5 p2e servers (not the development server) will each be awarded an equal split of $140k USD, paid in GALA. That’s $4666 each to 30 uniform crafters!

How uniform is your town? Do you have what it takes to make it to the top 6 uniform towns on your P2E server and take home a piece of the $140k uniform prize pool?

In order to compete you’ll need to be making at least 75 Uniforms an hour. Here’s the beakdown of materials needed to achieve that. Common passive materials such as Water Drums, Energy, and Crude Oil are not included:

  • Cotton Yarn: 225
  • Cotton: 1125
  • Lumber: 300
  • Wood: 1875
  • Wool Yarn: 75
  • Wool: 375
  • Feed: 3000
  • Wheat: 6000

We’ll continue to monitor the uniformity of each town during the event and adjust the prizes accordingly (removing the cheaters). So keep an eye on the uniformity of your town and try to be as uniform as possible!

The uniform challenge Town Star is a great way to get your uniform towns ready for the P2E servers. Get your towns ready and good luck!