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It all began at a Town Council session…

That’s why I’m not on the Town Council, but this time I was there to be heard. Strange things had been happening in the sky ever since Nikole Tesla arrived in town.

I’d been wondering if her strange high-tech electrical experiments might be to blame for the odd green spiral cloud that sometimes appears in the sky over there above Perch Hill. It wasn’t her fault, but I was prepared to complain about the pollution of our beautiful big sky view with weird shapes and hues of clouds that night.

There was a heated debate regarding the rising cost of gasoline and how it would affect our deliveries. One Council member argued that everyone should ride tiny mopeds instead of cars. Then the meeting got off track while everyone discussed a young man named Jimmy who used to drive deliveries through this area… A guy named Jimmy, to be precise.

Since no one had spoken of Jimmy in some time, the youngster made the decision early last year that he required a rest. The young man decided early last year that he needed to take a vacation. He packed his bags and set off on an adventure around the world. He wrote to Town Hall for a while, but his missives were perplexing. They seemed to be written in code.

The last we’d heard from Jimmy, he was on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where he befriended a giant sea turtle. The creature had been injured and was slowly swimming back to his home. Jimmy promised to stay with him until he reached his destination.

At first, we just assumed he was holed up somewhere where he might delay adulthood for a few more years. But reports began to spread that he had been kidnapped by extraterrestrial aliens. Then a lady from Nextville (the next town over) came into town, claiming to be Jimmy’s mother. She was a wide-eyed, sweatpants-wearing, tote-bag carrying mess of a woman who didn’t appear to have slept in her life.

Jimmy’s mother would tell the same narrative to anyone who’d listen, and it was completely bonkers. There were parts about a global superstate followed by how the aliens who kidnapped Jimmy weren’t really aliens but rather robots from another dimension.

She’d go on to say that the interdimensional alien robots were linked directly to Jimmy, who she believed had done something incredibly stupid (Jimmy was never the most intelligent) and opened up an interdimensional wormhole.

We’d say, for example, “Gert… ” (This is her name, Gert) “Gert… When we’re looking for the wormhole, it’s never where you’d expect. ”

She’d wave her Diet Coke in our faces and scream, “It’s always in motion! You’ll see!” Unimaginable items will start emerging from that portal!”

During these days, Old Gert spent a lot of time in town, attempting to persuade the more gullible residents that there was an impossibly difficult-to-see wormhole in the sky. The alien tale spread quickly, and before long everyone was perplexed. No one knew whether it was the government, aliens, robots, wormholes, or all of the above.

The specifics of the previous few months came together for me during one sleepless night. The green spiral cloud I’d been seeing in the sky. Gert’s ramblings about portals, as well as Nikole Tesla’s odd electrical experiments. It was none other than the portal in the sky that Gert had mentioned when he raved!

As a result of the energy discharge from Nikole’s facility, the portal over Perch Hill would periodically stop. Perhaps the portal is like a revolving door that opens to hundreds (or thousands, or more) of different dimensions or realities. What may emerge from the green portal over Perch Hill now makes you wonder?

To be honest, I’m still unsure about what happened to Jimmy, but this isn’t about him. It’s about a dragon—who will eventually bring about one of the greatest friendships of my life and a business venture that may really make a difference for the entire community.

The Green Dragon Express Part 2 coming soon…

If you’re unfamiliar with the Gala Games community, you may not be aware of the Mirandus Dragon Familiar, which is rewarded for collecting all 10 Mirandus Dragon Vouchers. You’re probably thinking of the Mirandus Skin Packs’ Mirandus Vouchers.

Essentially, it has a Town Star counterpart. With the aid of the Dragon, all 10 Dragon Vouchers will be able to get quick and gas-free deliveries, which is a significant game changer.

Mirandus Skin Packs are now available in very small quantities from the Town Star shop, so if you’re still looking for your Dragon, go quickly.