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Galaverse in the Mediterranean Sea

This beautiful commemorative NFT was given to guests of -into the galaverse Europe 2022 in Malta. Placing it on the edge of your town will reduce the total wages of your town by 30%.

Town Star Community META Competition June 28th – July 2nd

Here is the final details for the TownStar Community-voted Meta competition starting next week!

Start: June 28, 2022 6:00 AM
End: July 2, 2022 6:00 AM

Old > New

City point changes:

Blue steel – 2,500 > 6,800
Cake – 5,500 > 2,000
Decorated Cake – 13,757 – 2,000
Fancy Cake 6,800 > 2,000
Uniform 560 > 100
Pinot Wine 808 > 100
Chocolate covered strawberries 1,800 > 100
Steel 768 > 100
Candy Canes 200 > 1,350

City cash price changes:

Blue steel $ 270,950 > $ 0
Candy Canes $ 22,000 > $ 0
Steel $ 47,000 > $ 5,000
Wool $ 3,750 > $ 13,000
Flour $ 2,000 > $ 8,500

Building requirement cash cost changes:

Steel Mill 1,500,000 > $ 400,000

Building wage cost changes:

Steel Mill $ 750 > $ 300 per min

Good luck out there, and have fun!

Here’s the prize pool for the competition below:
meta comp community prize pool

Gusty Wind (Common)

In a first-of-its-kind new type Town Star asset, this Effect card allows provides a time bonus to your Windmill production. This Common Gusty Wind provides a bonus of 2.5% to all Windmill production time. This bonus is stackable with other bonuses, but only one Gusty Wind bonus may be applied at any time.

Decorative Cake

Decorative Cake’s are the step up from Fancy Cakes. Decorative Cake are made at the Chocolatier. In order to produce the Fancy Cake, you first need to make a Cake, Chocolate Bars and Candy Canes.

Fancy Cake

Fancy Cake’s are the step up from Cakes. Fancy Cakes are made at the Chocolatier. In order to produce the Fancy Cake, you first need to make a Cake, Chocolate Bars and Strawberries.


Jam is that thing we Town Stars love to spread on things. Jam is made at the Bakery. In order to produce the Jam, you first need to grow Strawberries at the Strawberry Field and then produce Sugar and Water Drums.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are those delicious decedent treats made at the Candy Shop. In order to produce the Chocolate Covered Strawberries, you first need to grow Strawberries at the Strawberry Field and then produce Chocolate Bars and Energy.

Town Star June 14-18TH Competition Server – Gusty Wind Ghost Card NFT Reward

AlthoughMay Mayhem has subsided, but there’s plenty of action in store for the Web3 game of town and city builders for the rest of June! Get Ready Town Stars – The NFT Competition starts tomorrow! This competition is in the Competition Server only, please make sure to join the correct server on the list if you would like to participate.

Gala Film Priority Pass On Sale Today!

Gala Film will develop a win-win-win economy that overcomes several issues in the film and television industry today, much like Gala Games does for game creators and players, as well as Gala Music does for musicians.

Win-Win-Win for Blockchain + Film + Viewers

Gala Film will be a blockchain-based film and television ecosystem that is decentralized, transparent, and fair. It will use the power of the blockchain to create a new model for the industry that puts power back in the hands of content creators, while also providing a better experience for viewers.

The Gala Film ecosystem will have three main components:

1. The Gala Film Platform: This will be a decentralized platform that will allow anyone to create, distribute, and monetize their film and television content. The platform will be powered by the GALA token, which will be used to reward content creators, curators, and viewers.

2. The Gala Film Pass: This will be a monthly subscription service that will give viewers access to a wide variety of film and television content from around the world. The pass will be powered by the GALA token, which will be used to reward content creators, curators, and viewers.

3. The Gala Film Fund: This will be a fund that will invest in film and television projects that are powered by the Gala Film Platform. The fund will be used to finance projects, as well as to reward content creators, curators, and viewers.

  • Easier to get “discovered” — Filmmakers who are still in their early phases will have new options for monetizing their efforts and implementing incentives for their first fans.
  • More rewards to those who deserve them —In order for everything to happen, viewers and collectors should be rewarded for content streams, rather than having to pay. Artists may be rewarded in a way they have never been before, collectors can be rewarded for accumulating, and producers can be rewarded fairly for allowing new artists to flourish by providing them with exposure on the platform.
  • Intellectual Property Matters — Gala, as a decentralized Film Ecosystem intended to uplift and encourage filmmakers, will always maintain the artists’ property with complete honesty.

Create Worlds for Interoperability — We’re striving to establish a Web3 Ecosystem in which all elements collaborate for an unparalleled entertainment experience that you’ve never seen before. We’re creating new possibilities for music and video games when we make movies and introduce fresh visual arts projects to Gala Film, and that’s just the start.

So … here’s something from the future, just for you all with the takeaway from Galaverse!

As it was said to our Node Owners last week, this is only for those who would like to be involved in Gala Film from the start. Gala is super early doors as you know, so thought before the announcements start flowing and the community starts growing, it would be nice to give you a cheeky chance to be part of it – if you’d like to be.

This is a limited $250 drop, with 1,500 Priority Passes, available in the Gala store today, from 12PT – please make sure you’re logged in or you won’t be able to buy (one per transaction). The sale will close after 24 hours.

The ‘Gala Film Priority Pass’ includes an NFT redemption to our first film release, as well as a whitelist spot that you can claim, against a title of your choice.


This premium Chocolatier collects ingredients faster and charges lower wages than its standard in-game equivalent, and can be placed anywhere for no placement cost. This NFT receives no Play to Earn Rewards.