Introducing OKEx Barter Station Bot OK-3X


Gala Games was pleased to learn of the recent listing of TOWN on OKEx, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. TOWN, listed as TOP on the exchange, is now available to be traded against popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and OKB, which is an internal token launched by OKEx.

The first-ever project of its kind that has gained acceptance into the OKEx Community Coin Perpetual Contract Trading Market comes with a listing and token promotion exclusively by OKEx. At the same time, TOWN tokens will be listed on other exchanges in the near future.

To commemorate the game’s monumental step toward Town Star’s play-to-earn token, we’ve teamed up with OKEx to include an unique new co-branded NFT structure into the game. This lovely structure will be a monument to collaboration between Gala Games and OKEx, the world’s largest digital asset exchange.

100 Barter Stations will be given to both new and existing members of the OKEx community who deposit TOWN in the first week following the listing in a unique give-away for early participants. Barter Stations have also been distributed to 10 Founder’s Node operators via our provably random NFT distribution method.

Residents of the United States are not eligible for this offer, and OKEx products are not available in the United States.

The OKEx Barter Station will not be sold in the Town Star shop, but we will most likely release additional non-branded structures with similar purposes in the future.

A New Structure Type – The Barter Station

The Barter Station adds a whole new element to the Town Star game: the ability to exchange 1 basic resource for another.

Sugar cane goes in, and one of three different things come out. The building can be set to either Wheat, Cotton or Wood. Once a resource has been selected, every 2 units of Sugarcane will be traded automatically for one unit of the output resource selected.

Helpful bot OK-3X

Helpful bot OK-3X delivering sugarcane to the Barter Station

Consider the possibilities for this new style of architecture in the future. You’ll be able to barter for others that are more difficult to come by if your land is particularly efficient at generating a specific type of resource. These structures will hopefully allow for more variety in your settlements, making it simpler and more pleasurable for new players to get started playing to earn money!

As you play to earn and gain TOWN on a daily basis, don’t forget that there are TOWN-only items for sale in the Town Star shop.With the recent OKEx listing, it’s conceivable that these assets will start selling more rapidly, so don’t wait. While you still can, get your Tesla Coils and Solar Panels, as the seasonal Haunted Mansion NFTs will only be available until the end of November.