Town Star Gala Games

Industry Game Veteran Mark Skaggs Joins Gala Games as SVP


Town Star is a revolutionary blockchain game that allows players to compete in building the most efficient town possible. Launched in early 2020, Town Star has quickly amassed a passionate and dedicated fan base who enjoy the challenges and gameplay of this unique game.

Gala Games is a company that builds excellent games using blockchain technology in order to give players ownership and rewards. With many employees having professional game development experience, Mark Skaggs as SVP of Games joining the team, Gala Games is well on its way to becoming one of the best Web3 gaming companies.

What Make Skaggs Means to the Town Star Team

The Town Star team is excited to announce that Mark Skaggs has joined us as the Senior Vice President of Games! Mark will be leading our expanded team of engineers, economists, and designers to bring the vision for Town Star Forever to life. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes with our game!

Mark Skaggs is an accomplished game developer, responsible for the creation of international successes FarmVille and CityVille on Facebook. With 29 years in the industry and several awards from the AIAS to his name, Mark has a proven track record of creating games that engage millions of players worldwide. His titles have been played by 400+ million users on Facebook, sold 16+ million copies at retail, and downloaded 30+ million times on mobile devices. Mark Skaggs, the SVP of Games at Gala Games, is certain to invigorate Town Star with regular updates and a highly skilled development team.

Mark Skaggs has produced some of the most successful games in recent memory, including Command and Conquer: Generals and Red Alert 2 for EA, as well as Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth. After playing a pivotal role in Zynga’s success–launching Empires & Allies mobile–Mark joined Moonfrog Labs in India to create Baahubali: The Game and Alia Bhatt: Star Life.

One of the changes coming to Town Star is that we will be switching game engines from PlayCanvas to Godot. This transition will enable Town Star to have a server-authoritative structure.

There are three ways to approach this port. The first is to simply translate the existing game and code over to Godot, bringing all of the current problems with you but on a better technology platform. The second option is to change only the client-server architecture and then port the code – this will help reduce cheating dramatically but give you the exactly same game that still needs evolutions in gameplay. The third way to improve your company’s software infrastructure is by changing the client-server architecture. This means bringing over code that works well, and fixing and updating existing systems so they work better. This will give you room to build new features into the new code base. We’re doing something between 2 and 3,” stated Mark Skaggs, SVP of Games – Gala Games.

Mark Skaggs, SVP of Games at Gala Games, believes that the best way to update players on a game in development is by sticking to the facts and avoiding promises or speculation. He also thinks it’s important to show only real code, rather than demo code that might not reflect the actual game.

The Town Star team is excited to have Mark Skaggs on board as the Senior Vice President of Games. With his extensive experience and track record, he will be a driving force in taking the game to the next level. The team is hard at work implementing new features and making updates that will engage players and keep them coming back for more. As Mark Skaggs himself says, it’s important to stick to facts and avoid speculation when updating players on a game in development – so stay tuned for more news from Town Star!