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Gala Games May Mayhem | Week 2 Roundup

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Like May flowers in your favorite Gala Games, prizes and awards are sprouting up like Mayhem. This is May Mayhem @ Gala Games.

With May Mayhem behind us and the first two weeks of May Mayhem firmly in mind, Gala Games’ insane month of prizes is halfway over. If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for?!

By now, the wild spring has you in its grasp. It drives you insane, wild, and infuses you with a sense of MAYHEM! See what we did there? But you’re not here for silly wordplay; rather, you want to know how things are progressing, so let’s get down to business with week 2.

May The Mayhem Continue

The second week of May Mayhem has passed, and another $988,000 in rewards have been churned out to the winners of the Town Star and Spider Tanks competitions. Here are some highlights:

Spider Tanks Competition ended May 16th

  • Spider Tanks referrers earned $115,000
  • Spider Tanks competitors won $250,000

Town Star Competition ended May 14th

  • Town Star competitors won $460,000
  • Town Star P2E Server players will win $80,000 when the servers end tomorrow.

More Mayhem to Commence

The month-long celebration is still going strong, and here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up in Week Three.

This week, a new P2E server will be available, so get in early to select the ideal location for your settlement. With the introduction of a new competition server, the prize pool has been restocked with nearly $460,000 GALA, as well as an additional $80,000 GALA to be given out as bonus once the P2E servers warm up.

The Town Star Weekly Competition begins May 17th at 9am PT.

NFT MAYHEM BONUS ALERT — Play for at least 3 days in the month of May to get a Flour Storage NFT for free! NFT will be delivered in June. See we told you about these earlier in the year with the Advanced Storage NFTs!

In the third week, the Spider Tanks competition will reward the highest point producers in each single game with a share of this week’s $250,000 GALA bonuses. The referral bonus plan was expanded to $135k and is now split evenly among everyone who brings in 6 referrals for the week.

Spider Tanks Competition #3 will begin May 18th at 9am and will run over the weekend to Monday May 23rd 9am PT.

TOWN CRUSH is Back Again for May Mayhem!


If you’re a Gala Gold member and complete all 12 new levels in the beloved and quirky match 3 game from the creators of Town Star, you’ll get your piece of a large GALA prize pool. LEARN MORE about the TOWN CRUSH Prize Pool Breakdown.

Free NFTs for Referrals!

The Feed Bot referral contest is still going for two weeks, so get those referrals in now. Anyone who invites 10 people to Town Star will receive one of these dedicated robots as a thank you. Don’t put it off any longer.

MAYhem is All About You The Community!

We’re right in the midst of May Mayhem now, and we’ve only just begun. We’ll have more inforMAYtion on additional competitions, rewards, and intriguing possibilities in the following few weeks.

Why do we spend so much time and money on this? We love giving back to the community. It’s an exciting month for us, as we devote our gratitude to our amazing followers. Without your unwavering loyalty and support, none of this incredible success would be possible.

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