How to Train Your Town Star Dragon

How To Train Your Town Star Dragon

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It all began when a man named Jorgen moved into Town…

The workers at the refinery had never been so happy with the high demand for Petroleum and Gasoline. But then things started to get different…

The Green Dragon Express came to Town Star, and it quickly began to make the trading depot almost obsolete. The den is run by a man named Jorgen, and he’s been training dragons for years. Jorgen was the one who brought this new technology and with it he also brought a dragon. Everyone was in awe of the magnificent creature, but they were even more amazed when they saw what it could do.

The dragon didn’t need any gas to conduct its trade and it soon became clear that the refinery workers were no longer needed. They walked out on their jobs, leaving the town with no source of income. Jorgen was the only one who could train dragons, so he became the only one who could make a living in Town Star.

Jorgen was heartbroken. He loved his dragons, but he couldn’t keep training them if there was no food for them. He didn’t know what to do.

He’s the only dragon trainer in Town Star, and he’s got a waiting list of people who want to learn from him. But lately, Jorgen has been having some problems with his dragons.

Then, an idea came to him. Jorgen decided to start a dragon-training school in Town Star. He would teach people how to train and care for dragons, so that they could always have a place in Town Star.

The school quickly became popular, and people from all over the world came to learn about dragon training. Jorgen was able to keep his dragons fed and healthy, and the town prospered once again.

Jorgen was a great man, and he loved dragons more than anything. He spent his days training them and helping them grow strong. He always put their needs first, and they were happy to have him as their trainer.

The Town Star Dragon Den is the only place in Town Star where you can find a dragon trainer. If you’re looking for someone who can teach you how to train your dragon, this is the place to go.

How to Get a Dragon in Town Star

Those lucky to possess all 10/10 Dragon Vouchers will take advantage of new winged and scaled transport unit you can add to your Town. The Dragon Familiar will flap around your town in glorious style, emitting fear into nearby Towns while delivering goods to nearby cities at no Gasoline Cost. The Dragon Familiar will make deliveries with absolutely no Gasoline cost and at a wicked time speed.

How does this shake up game play? Take away a huge portion of time creating Gasoline in Town Star and also not polluting your Town will make a Huge Difference. This also means you can place your town in those most exotic locations while not having to worry about the cost of Gas, or even production of Gas and all that comes with it in Town Star. You could get truly creative with your builds, experimenting with new strategies or trying out new crafts and systems that can take the Top 1000 by Storm.

Collect all 10 Dragon Skin Packs to unlock this Gasoline Free Trading outpost and show off those unique Town Star locational builds! These packs are only available for a limited time so act now before they’re extinguished.