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How to Make Uniforms in Town Star Guide

Uniform Guide

Want to compete in Town Star with the late-game builds like Uniforms, Wine, Blue Steel, or Cakes? You’ll need to know How to Make Uniforms in Town Star and a good production rate to compete – here’s the Uniform Guide for Town Star and some No-NFT Uniforms Builds to help you compete. It all begins with the secret of the Wool Rush. The Wool Rush to Gas Guide Production in Town Star is the fastest gas production guide to get you up and rolling and a sustainable economy. This guide will skip past the Wool Rush phase and assume you know the first steps to good ranching. First things First – Location Selection for Uniform Builds.

Uniforms Production SWOT Analysis

Strengths: High city points per unit sold.

Weaknesses: High wages. Long production times.

Opportunities: Relatively fewer elements to balance.

Threats: Location Selection – Plain + River > Plain > Forest > Desert > Mountain

It’s best to find a Biome that’s near some sort of Water (River or Lake) preferably so you can get passive watering early on in the game. See our location selection guide for some tips and pointers on what’s a good land selection for your end game goal.

Uniform Idea Starting Locations

In order to make Uniforms, these are some must-haves:

  • Plains – When you begin with a modest operation, the open fields that the plains provide make it simpler to expand as your first revenue-generating system is in place. The abundance of pastures will also provide your livestock with additional food. If you choose to start with a ranch and expand into uniforms as a source of income, this can be an excellent approach to supplement your herd.
  • River – Lumber is required for the creation of Uniforms and rivers will enhance your wood output considerably. By reforesting a riverbank or two, you may gain a few extra tiles to work with. Keep in mind that bodies of water help with passive watering, which speeds up crops and livestock production. A river on the other side of the Plain would be ideal.
  • Forests – Extra income gained from selling the ponds in a forest protects novices while they learn the ropes and helps Expert players get over the early game hump of establishing a sustainable city. The numerous trees in a forest provide a reliable source of wood that greatly complements the need for Uniform construction.

When going for Uniform Production, avoid these biome areas:

  • Oceans – Only useful for the production of salt which is not necessary for the production of uniforms.
  • Deserts – The oil seep and the quick crude oil and energy production it provides are rendered obsolete by the power plant’s passive energy. The space you have for fast tree growth is limited by the pollution from the oil seep and the shade provided by a mountain.
  • Mountains – This is the not the ideal place to practice sewing uniforms. Keep in mind that selecting somewhere with access to a mountain blocks a lot of wind and shade causing lower production rates for uniforms.

How to Get Passive Power in Town Star

Passive Power is uber important to making Uniforms – You’ll need to first to follow our Passive Power Guide for Gasoline Production in order to sustain the income of a Fabric Plant. Plus it’s also beneficial to have that Passive Power going to the Fabric Plants.

Fabric Plant + Uniform Time

I’m going to assume you’ve been following along thus far and have a lumber mill as well as a number of sheep ranches producing a lot of wool as part of the Wool Rush. You are also going to have to save up $500,000 for the Fabric Plant and you’ll want to have a bunch extra to keep yourself afloat until your first load of wool thread is ready to sell. Wool Thread sells for $147,500 so until a bundle is ready I usually keep a few flour mills operating until I’m flush, but that’s just me. If you make more wool than you can sell in a given amount of time, such as if you have enough sheep to produce a lot of cloth and no machinery to spin the yarn into thread, then you may continue selling it to stay in the black.

If you’ve read the lumber tutorial, you’ll understand why my block is constructed in this manner. You will also notice it if you stay in this one until the end.

uniforms how to make in town star

That’s the first fabric plant and I start out on wool thread because I have tons of wool. 10 wool thread gets you $250,000, use this to build up a few more Fabric Plants before trying to convert over to Uniforms. I personally sell the wool thread first while I am getting my cotton plantation ready to rock and roll.

When you’re ready to start making uniforms, you’ll want to look at the How to Increase Uniforms in Town Star guide.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a steady supply of cotton yarn. You can do this by building a few Fabric Plants and selling the wool thread they produce.

Once you have a few fabric plants up and running, you can start making uniforms. The Uniforms requires a lot of resources to build, so make sure you have a good income before attempting to construct one as you’ll need 10 to sell for the big pay off. To do this, you’ll need to 3 Cotton Yarn, 1 Wool Yarn, and 1 Lumber. You’ll also need to have a steady supply of Cotton Yarn, as each uniform requires Three pieces of Cotton Yarn. As you can see it takes more Cotton Yarn than Wool to make the Uniforms.

uniform crafting town star

Once you have enough Fabric Plants up and running, you can start churning out uniforms. Each uniform sells for a good chunk of change, so you should be able to make a decent profit off of them.

That’s all there is to it! With this guide, you should be able to get started on making uniforms in Town Star. Just remember to keep a steady supply of Yarn coming in, and you’ll be churning out uniforms in no time. Thanks for reading!