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The Town Star Guide Overview

Beginners Guide Creating Economy

Town Star is a strategic farming game in which players must balance production, management, and use of ingredients to create items. Players must develop and expand their town while making the greatest of their AI workers and producing items with increasing values.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Town Star

The player must build a town in a limited amount of space and starting resources. To accomplish this task, the player must feed their AI workers so that they have wages to work. The higher the level of the worker, the higher their wages are.

In Town Star players are able to arrange buildings in whatever pattern they wish, focusing on producing items that are in demand while being mindful of the production times, worker energy levels, and availability of ingredient resources.

Different buildings can be upgraded multiple times to increase their production potentials. Each building has an associated requirement before it can be upgraded or have additional functions unlocked. This requires players to manage which buildings they upgrade first to best accommodate the production of their most valuable items.

When workers are not working, they are resting, so if a player knows they need a certain item right away or at a specific time of day, they can sleep their workers so that they have enough wages to produce the needed item. This strategy allows players to plan out complex production schedules to meet specific deadlines, but must be mindful not to sleep workers when they need their wages for other activities.

In addition, the player may choose to keep a single worker awake at all times which requires wages in order to prevent them from sleeping due to fatigue. High levels of this particular worker will increase the speed of production and give the player the ability to craft higher-value items.

The player is faced with various choices of how to spend their money, time, and effort between expanding their town by adding new structures, buying more land space for buildings, upgrading existing structures or growing crops for ingredients which can be used in crafting goods. While some upgrades are required before certain buildings can be developed, most structures are capable of being upgraded multiple times to increase their production potentials.

When the player has designed their town to have what they need in terms of buildings and crops, they can choose to upgrade their land in order to expand their town which allows them to build more buildings.

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Unlike other farming games that limit players to particular actions, your Town Star workers are determined by the structure from which they emerge, always taking the fastest and most efficient path to complete their assigned task.

A 3D farming excursion

In this game, players must use what they already know about their employees’ responsibilities and the operations of their facilities to build the most efficient and productive town possible inside the confines of the space given. Players win when they are able to sell items for a higher value than their opponents.

Make use of your money in the most efficient way possible, then sell it to cities.

Sell your items in a nearby city!

Players of The City Star must use their cash wisely to develop systems that will continue to generate money, which is obtained by selling groups of items to neighboring cities. It’s important to learn how to produce gas quickly in Town Star for survival and long-term game. View our guides on how to build gasoline fast in Town Star. The player earns Star Points for each delivery based on the value and production difficulty of a specific good. Throughout the term-based competition game, players with the greatest numbers of Star Points rank high on the leaderboard, and the highest scorers at the conclusion earn real money prizes (in the form of $GALA).

In-Game Items for Specific Advantages

Gala Games is a blockchain-based game that allows players to own their in-game assets, so they can purchase a range of in-game items from the Town Star shop or via a secondary market like Opensea. You may create custom buildings and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in the game without spending real money. They come with unique advantages to production, specialized characters to assist your workers, and more, but they do not cost any in-game money to put in your town.

On top of that, by putting Town Star player-owned assets in your town, you may be eligible to earn TownCoin, the official play-to-earn reward token of Town Star. With this type of enhanced play-to-earn capability, Town Star is the first game of its kind.

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What’s Next?

You’re now ready to play Town Star for free on Gala.Games, which will be your player account.After you’ve gotten a feel for the game’s pleasant and soothing nature, check out our collection of playable NFTs or have a look around the secondary market on Opensea. When you’re ready to go from good to great and harness the power of play-to-earn, check out some of our more comprehensive strategy guides before making an informed and strategic NFT purchase. You’ll be a Gala Gamer for life after you’ve tasted the thrill of genuine player empowerment through ownership and earning.

Town Star is a strategic farming game of building, managing production and using ingredients to craft goods. Town Star players are able to own in-game assets which give them advantages in the game. Players can also earn TownCoin, the official play-to-earn reward token of Town Star, for owning player-owned assets.  Town Star offers an exciting gameplay experience with many opportunities for customization and features that will keep you coming back again and again! Check out our guide on how to build gasoline fast in Townstar now if you need help getting started or want more tips before playing Townstar online free today!

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