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Town Coin Collection Bug FAQ


There are a couple reasons collection can bug no clear cause or fix, here are things to try:
1. It could be browser related, try:
• Disable any add blockers.
• Close all Browser tabs and windows.
• Clear cache or press Shift+F5 (PC) or CMD+Shift+R (MAC) to ignore cache.
• Log out and back in.
• Restart device.
• Try another browser (Edge is recommended by top players).
• Try on another device.
2. Remove and replace your NFTs (move the Trade/Express Depot to another edge for a server recalculation)
3. Multiple Towns: Sometimes, creating multiple towns could prevent you from collecting TOWN. Try and look through your towns for the one you can collect on (Make sure to check every server. The game will not show any indication of a town on the server select menu.) and see if it is working there, deleting the extra town(s) is an option if you are holding rank in the competition server.
4. If none of the above work, add a new town on another server and see if stars start counting there.